We’re not buying…we’re not selling. We are learning!

Math is alive and well in our Lower School Kulam classroom. A magic teaching moment has turned into a continuing, authentic learning experience for our 4th Grade students. We were able to bring the concept of money and the skills of adding and subtracting with and without decimal points and making change to life in our own classroom store. One day, earning a much deserved break, the students suggested ‘playing store.’  They loved the activity and chose it whenever they had earned free time or a break from learning. The teacher, seeing the enthusiasm for this activity, expanded the experience and the store, teaching important math skills in the process. This is truly authentic learning at its best. Authentic learning is centered on relevant, real-world tasks that are of interest to the learners. As a result, our students are engaged in exploration, and higher level thinking skills such as analyzing, manipulating, and evaluating information. They shop for prices on-line and have learned to divide prices by quantities. The students reflect, collaborate, and problem solve, The required skills and concepts of math instruction is woven seamlessly into the authentic experience.  To enhance and make this experience even more meaningful, students now work one day a week in the school’s concession stand, selling lunches and snacks, making change and determining the amount owed. How exciting for the students as they interact with upper school students and teachers. This is math learning they will never forget.


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