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Welcome to Fischer High School

Paul & Maggie Fischer High School

Fischer High School–Learning and Growing as One

Class of 2015 graduates

From our first graduating class to the present, Posnack School has a proven track record of combining academic excellence and love for Jewish living. Graduates of Fischer High School are accepted to the best colleges in the United States and internationally.

The 2015-2016 school year witnessed the opening of Fischer High School and Ram Gymnasium. This state-of-the-art, 50,000-square-foot building houses one of the finest secondary school facilities in South Florida and includes a professional lecture hall, a media production studio, a “black box” theater, a student activities center, as well as a two-story gymnasium. The Posnack School Courtyard connects the high school to the lower and middle schools.

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Fischer High School Academic Program


At the Posnack School we develop well-rounded scholars comfortable in the rigors of the classroom, the competition of the playing field, the inspiration of the stage, and the hallowed spirituality of the house of prayer.

Academic Program

Fischer High School curriculum includes courses in both general studies and Judaic studies. Posnack School requires its students to take a rigorous course load of eight courses per semester and offers 15 different AP courses for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Moreover, even though AP Hebrew courses are unavailable from the College Board, many Posnack School students achieve sufficient proficiency in Hebrew to request language credits from their respective colleges. Fischer High School students have access to a well-rounded list of course offerings that meet and exceed state and national standards in language arts, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. In addition to the required courses, a number of electives are available to the students.

Explore Courses

  • World Lit I & Composition, Honors
  • World Lit II & Composition, Honors
  • American Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Language & Composition AP
  • British Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Lit & Composition AP
  • Yearbook
  • Journalism
  • Literary Magazine
  • SAT Prep
Social Studies
  • World History, Honors
  • Jewish History, Honors
  • American History, Honors, AP
  • Economics, Honors, AP
  • American Government, Honors, AP
  • Human Geography AP
  • Psychology AP
  • Debate
  • Legal Studies
  • Geometry, Honors
  • Algebra II, Honors
  • Pre-Calculus, Honors
  • Statistics & Probability Honors, AP
  • Calculus Honors, AB, BC
  • Biology, Honors, AP
  • Chemistry, Honors, AP
  • Physics Honors, AP
  • Environmental Science, Honors, AP
  • Marine Biology Honors
  • Anatomy & Physiology Honors
Foreign Language
  • Hebrew I, II
  • Hebrew III, IV, V, VI Honors
  • Spanish I, II
  • Spanish III, IV Honors
Judaic Studies
  • Tanach
  • Rabbinics I, II, III Honors
  • Advanced Judaic Seminar
  • Talmud

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 academic credits including 1.0 credit in health and physical education. In addition to the traditional college preparatory program, students who excel in their academic studies have opportunities to take honors and advanced placement (AP) courses.

  • Judaic Studies 4.0 Cr.
  • English 4.0 Cr.
  • Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one other Mathematics course) 4.0 Cr.
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, and one other Lab Sciences required) 3.0 Cr.
  • Social Studies (World History, Jewish History, American History, U.S. Government/Economics) 4.0 Cr.
  • Foreign Language- Hebrew 3.0 Cr. (if a student passes a Hebrew competency test, another language is required)
  • Personal Fitness-Physical Education 0.5 Cr. (And/Or Two (2) seasons of participation in Ram Team Sports).
  • Health 0.5 Cr.
  • Performing and/or Fine Arts 1.0 Cr.
  • Electives 6.0 Cr.
  • Total Credits for Graduation 30 Cr.
  • Community Service 100 hours

Fischer High School Leadership

Meet Dr. Brandon Diamond, Fischer High School Interim Principal

fischer high school interim principal Dr. Brandon Diamond

Dr. Brandon Diamond is Fischer High School Interim Principal. Dr. Diamond has been a part of the Fischer High School family for the past seven years, serving as our high school Science Department Chair for the past two years and high school scheduling coordinator. Dr. Diamond has also served as the Director of Academics for Fischer High School from 2019-2020. A seasoned educator and researcher, Dr. Diamond has published numerous research articles on teacher professional development, student standardized tests, and formative assessments. He has a doctorate in science education and masters in biology from the University of Miami. Dr. Diamond can be reached at or 954-583-6100 ext. 400.

Carla Sanchez, Fischer High School Associate Principal

Fischer High School assistant principal Carla Sanchez

Carla Sanchez is Associate Principal of Fischer High School. Ms. Sanchez has worked at Posnack School for the past seven years and will oversee our high school’s logistics and student programming. She can be reached at or 954-583-6100 ext. 454.

Judaic Studies at Fischer High School

Strengthening the Connection

Fischer High School Judaic Studies curriculum builds on the language skills and subject competencies established in the lower and middle grades. Reinforcing ahavat yisrael—commitment to the Jewish community and the State of Israel—is central to the Judaic studies curriculum. Alongside Hebrew instruction, students study Jewish sources, rabbinic literature, Jewish history and philosophy, and contemporary Jewish life. All Judaic studies instructors are certified by the Broward Central Agency for Jewish Education.


Students participate in Tefillah (prayer) daily. As a community day school, Fischer High hosts three minyan (prayer quorums) options each morning. Torah is read twice weekly and students learn parashat ha-shavua during Tefillah.


In the last years, the Posnack School has adopted an innovative Hebrew language curriculum developed by the school for students in grades 6-12. The Hebrew curriculum is linguistically sequential; texts and tasks increase in length and complexity as the student’s Hebrew improves. Each unit of study incorporates art, music, prose, poetry, news articles and Jewish texts, in layers of language ranging from biblical Hebrew to current scientific Hebrew terminology and common colloquialisms. All instructors are specially certified in the program.

Jewish History

Jewish history is incorporated in many aspects of the high school curriculum. In 10th grade, Posnack School students take part in mapping Jewish history from biblical times to the modern era. This offers students the opportunity to place contemporary events in their historical context and allows the students to see themselves in the long chain of Jewish tradition.

Tanach and Rabbinic Literature

In 9th grade, students study Tanach focusing on Neviim and Ketuvim. Starting with the structure of the Tanach, students learn to read and compare biblical texts, recognizing primary interpretations. From 10th through 12th grade, students turn to the study of Mishnah before moving on to other rabbinic sources including Gemara, the Shulchan Aruch, and the Mishnah Torah. Jewish ethics, philosophy, law, and contemporary issues are examined through the lens of rabbinic thought.

Posnack School Israel Trip

One of the highlights of being a Fischer High School student is the opportunity to learn about Israel first-hand through our Study Program in Israel. From the time our students begin at Posnack School, they learn about the roots of the Jewish people, study the Hebrew language, and explore Israeli customs and traditions, including holiday celebrations. During their two weeks in Israel, our students have the chance to live all that they have learned by experiencing Israel chronologically, from biblical times to the present.

Their time in Israel is specifically selected to allow them to observe and to participate in Israeli commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hazikaron, and Israel Independence Day. Students visit Yad Vashem, stand in the streets as the siren sounds throughout the country, and celebrate Israel’s birthday in Haifa. Our students also interact and celebrate with Israeli students from Nesher, our sister city in Israel, whose relationship with our students starts in seventh grade when they work together on a common project called Shorashim.

Whether our students are climbing Masada, seeing the amazing laser light show over Jerusalem, smelling the preparations for Shabbat, hearing and speaking Hebrew in the streets, or tasting traditional Israeli delicacies, they get to feel Israel by using all five of their senses. For our students, this amazing experience is the seed of a growing relationship between them and Israel that will continue to grow and develop through high school and their adult life.

Moot Bet Din

Fischer High School competes in the national Moot Bet Din sponsored by RAVSAK (Jewish Community Day School Network). Using traditional sources, participating team members apply halakha (Jewish law) to contemporary situations. Each year, RAVSAK introduces a new case on a topic that has not been examined halakhicly.

Project ROPE

Fischer High 11th graders have joined with counterparts at the Hillel Community Day School and the Shoshana Cardin School for Project ROPE (Ravsak Organization for Philanthropy Education), an elite program that gets students directly involved in Jewish philanthropy. The program is designed to raise awareness of need within the Jewish community and to provide Jewish young people with the skills to collaborate effectively on philanthropic projects.

Director of Judaic Studies

Meet Rabbi Robert Kaplan

Rabbi Robert Kaplan is Director of Judaic Studies at David Posnack Jewish Day School and Fischer High School where he leads the Judaic Studies team and oversees the Judaics curriculum. Rabbi Kaplan joined Posnack School from the Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School, where he worked as a teacher, Judaic studies chair, and interim high school principal, among many other roles. In addition to his faculty responsibilities, Rabbi Kaplan initiated and coached Hillel’s cross country team for 16 years, served as honor society advisor, Moot Beit Din team advisor, and IB mentor. He has taught Talmud and Bible at Florida International University, arranging for high school students taking his honors courses to receive college credit through the FIU dual-enrollment program. Rabbi Kaplan has a B.A. cum laude from Albright College and an M.Ed. in Policy, Governance and Administration from the University of Washington. He is a certified mohel and continues to serve the South Florida Jewish community in this capacity.

College Counseling at the Fisher High School

The College Counseling Process

Getting Ahead in a Competitive World

The road to college is an individual journey; each child has their own path. As the only Jewish K-12 college preparatory school in Broward County, the responsibility of preparing our students for successful and rewarding academic careers is a sacred duty to our students and their families. Working together with students and their parents, Posnack School guidance and college counseling team help students discover the schools that are right for them. This process begins in middle school, with an introductory meeting with the college advisor in 8th grade. Students participate in individual and class meetings with the college advisor and the guidance team over the next 4 years.

College Success Starts with a Posnack School Diploma

  • 100% 4-year college acceptance rate
  • Posnack School graduates rank in the top 5% nationally
  • Fischer High School students have  garnered many awards and scholarships including the National Merit Scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholars, Nordstrom Scholarship, National Council of Jewish Women Scholarship, Ford Salute to Education, as well as a Silver Knight Awards and Honorable Mentions across various categories
  • 80% of Fischer High School students who apply to the University of Florida are accepted
  • Nearly 100% of Fischer High School graduates qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Meet Aleny Garcia, Director of College Counseling

photo of ms. aleyni garcia, fischer high school director of college counselingAleny Garcia is a college counseling professional with 16 years of experience helping students make informed decisions that will optimize their post-secondary choices. Ms Garcia joins us from Ransom Everglades School, where she served as Associate Director of College Counseling for the last three years. Prior to her work at Ransom Everglades, Ms. Garcia led the advising office at Cardinal Gibbons High School as Director of College and Academic Advising. She is actively involved in the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) as co-lead of its Antiracist Education Institute, the Southern Association of College Admission Counseling (SACAC) in a variety of capacities, and the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS) as a member of the Data Trends and Analytics Committee. Ms. Garcia also reads and interviews for the Gates Scholarship and she was recently nominated as a candidate for the ACCIS Board of Trustees. She holds an M.S. in School Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and a B.A. from Florida International University’s Honors College.

A South Florida native, Ms. Garcia lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband, Troy, and their dog, Mindy.

Ms. Garcia loves meeting students and families and invites you to drop by the Diener College Counseling Suite! To contact her, please email her at or call her at 954-583-6100, ext 456.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Future


Posnack School is a leader in the use of educational technologies to improve learning and engage students. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, offering teachers new ways to inspire learning and unleash creativity. In the middle and high schools, Posnack School students participate in our One-to-One Tablet PC Program.

Benefits of Posnack School Technology Initiatives:

  • Increases learning and participation in classroom
  • Engages students to learn and understand material in ways familiar to them
  • Increases project-based learning, supporting assignments requiring research, collaboration, and production of a final product such as slide shows, videos, podcasts, web pages, etc.
  • Allows access to information, lessons, and assignments from anywhere in the world.