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At Posnack School Art is Central to Education

Building Student Confidence with the Arts

Posnack School’s award-winning music, theater, and visual arts programs provide strong foundations for students of all levels and abilities. Students can choose to participate in the many bands and music ensembles available in the Lower, Hochberg Middle, and Fischer High School. Annual Hochberg Middle School and Fischer High School theatrical productions are highlights of the school year. In upper grades, students can choose from a variety of electives to pursue their artistic passions.

Students’ Creativity is Always Encouraged

From the first day of Kindergarten to commencement, the arts are central to the Posnack School educational experience. Study of music, theater, and the visual arts enables each student to think creatively and master new skills. The arts foster attention to detail and allow students to see the world through a different set of lenses. Art instruction at Posnack School begins with our students innate creativity and desire to express themselves. Each student is encouraged to discover their unique talents, to nurture these gifts, and to excel in their chosen paths. As our daily lives are shaped increasingly by visual media, no education is complete without a strong foundation in the arts.

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Posnack School Music

Whether students aspire to careers in music or not, all Posnack School students have the opportunity to study, play, and sing music. Educating our students musically reinforces the overall curriculum both in general and Judaic studies.

Class of 2020’s Elisabeth N. one of 7 Broward County students selected for the Florida All-State High School Honors Band.

Posnack Jewish Day School Music Department fosters our students’ musical potential by providing a positive environment in which they can progress and flourish. The department emphasizes developing the communication skills of our students through band participation, gaining musical self-confidence, public performance, and studying a musical repertoire that includes Jewish/Israeli music, World music, and contemporary genres such as pop, jazz, and blues. Through instruction, practice, and performance students develop skills in music theory, ear training, harmony, and improvisation. Our program has nurtured many rising musical talents.


Posnack School Theatre

Posnack Jewish Day School Cappie-award-winning Theater Department offers many exciting opportunities for both middle and high school students in the dramatic arts. Drama is the perfect complement to academic work. Through acting classes, theater activities, and dramatic productions, students build confidence and become more verstaile as learners. Acting classes are available for all upper school students.

The Middle and High School drama programs produce one full-scale musical production each during the school year. Students work on all aspects of production, as well as acting techniques, improvisation, and character development.

The Fischer High School also participates in district and state thespian competitions. Posnack School holds many superior and critic’s choice performance awards from its many years competing.

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Posnack School Visual Arts

A Day Without Art is Like A Day Without Sunshine

In the Lower School, teaching artist Michele Bernstein guides our youngest students through the process of acquiring new skills and abilities in a variety of visual media. Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively while they develop competency in representational and abstract art.

“Rhythm on Black,” a Broward Art Guild Youth Competition award-winning work by Middle School student Ariela W.

In the upper grades, teaching artist Michael Bauman and digital arts specialist Judie Jackowitz guide students to develop personal creative visions. The Studio encourages students to be creative; explore ideas, express feelings, and share observations.Art is a chosen elective where we nurture all skill levels. Most students do not feel they are art prodigies, nor wish to be, yet they still love the process, the fundamental part of art making.

The year begins with teacher-directed projects that familiarize students with various mediums, techniques, and subjects. Ongoing constructive critiques help students improve art vocabulary, ideation, and product. After the traditionally structured studio course, students choose the medium that best fits the themes of their choice. This contemporary mixed media approach reflects the modern artist and our current society in an age of informational overload. The studio teaches students how to sort, organize, and focus as educated-innovative consumers, creators and leaders. This learning environment balances the busy Posnack School student schedule. Students take risks while working independently on projects in a safe environment like professionals must due to succeed in their fields. Additionally, museum visits, relevant videos, eclectic music, and artist presentations inspire and influence students in new directions.

The Posnack School has been recognized by and empowers students through local and national competitions, scholarships, and opportunities. Every spring, the annual Joy of Art Walk showcases all student artists from Kindergarten through 12th grade.