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A Meaninful Life – Shimon Peres a”h –

This week we mourn the passing of the 9th President of Israel – Shimon Peres.

In Hebrew class we discussed his life as one of the founders of the State of Israel. We watched a video (Video Link) with advice from Mr. Peres on how to life a meaningful life. On Erev Shabbat we recited the Kel Maleh Rachamim prayer asking Hashem to guard his soul.

We wish you all a very meaningful Rosh Hashana and a sweet New Year.

Shanah Tova U’Mi’Tu”Kah

All Returns Allowed

Dear Lower School Students,

This week’s פרשה is called כי תצא. In this פרשה, Moshe introduces the nation to many new מצות. One מצוה that we read about concerns the מצוה called השבת אבידה, to return a lost object to its rightful owner. Another מצוה that is mentioned is to help someone when he or she is broken down on the road. We can’t just leave a person stranded.
These מצות create the requirement that we have responsibilities not only for ourselves but for each other. The law is called: כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה ” all of Israel is responsible one to the other.” This responsibility creates friendship, brotherhood, and community.
We are proud that all of you fulfill this מצוה on a daily basis.
           שבת שלום
Rabbi Kaplan