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Promise Campaign

Our capital campaigns not only build buildings. We strengthen our community and its future by opening more doors to Jewish education. We invite you to live the tradition of mi-dor le’dor – keeping our promise to the next generation by becoming a partner in building Posnack School’s future.

NEW! The Margie & Joel Hochberg Middle School broke ground on October 20, 2016. In addition to the three-story middle school, a cutting-edge culinary arts institute will house the first kosher school facility of its kind anywhere in North America. Doors will open for the start of the 2017-2018 academic year!

The new 50,000-square-foot Paul & Maggie Fischer High School and Ram Gymnasium opened its doors in August 2016. Completed in only 10 months, this state-of-the-art building includes new science labs, an amazing black box theater, media center, a 60-seat professional lecture hall, a television production studio, and double the number of classrooms. In total, our new high school building is twice the size of our previous facility and is able to serve record-breaking enrollment.