An “Om-azing” Week at Posnack Middle School…


The sounds of “Om” and “Namaste” reverberated in the Ram Gym this week as more than sixty students in grades 6 and 7 participated in Posnack’s first ever yoga class. Research suggests that meditation and yoga assist in strengthening children’s emotional intelligence as they learn positive ways of dealing with stress and other environmental factors in their busy young lives. We look forward to bringing a yoga class soon to the 8th grade students, and plans are underway to add yoga as a supplemental elective in the near future. A special “todah rabah” to our school counselor, Debbie Chanan, for introducing our students to this wonderful and engaging exercise.

Please see the link to the right for more pictures of Yoga at Posnack.


Ms. Meyer’s 8th grade science class discovered a way to use the energy from some tasty spuds to power a calculator. Galvanized nails, pennies, and alligator clips were used to transfer the energy, while the acid and salt from the potato allowed the energy to flow. This hands-on activity gave new meaning to the term “hot potato!”



It was a good week for the stock market, and the competition is heating up in the Posnack Stock Market Challenge.

Four weeks ago, students taking this elective were given $100,000 “Posnack Dollars” to invest in three different portfolios ($300,000 total). Students have developed three portfolios, each with a different strategy – a balanced approach, a conservative approach, and a high risk approach.

As of Friday afternoon, Mr. Kelly is leading the pack with $117,496, with a high risk approach in a small bio-tech.  In second place, with a conservative approach, Aaron A. has $110,635 with a strong position in Google. Also benefiting from a position in Google, in third place is Michael K. and his balanced portfolio, valued at $109,643.

Keep up the great work future stock brokers, analysts, and investment bankers!

The challenge will remain open until May 30, 2016!  A trophy will be presented to our champion at the end of the year!


Don’t forget –  Wednesday, October 28th is Middle School Bowling Night! Looking forward to seeing all the students from 5:00-7:00 pm at Sparez for pizza, bowling and prizes! The cost is $18 in advance – $25 at the door. Pay in advance and be entered into a raffle for fantastic prizes!

The 8th Grade Student Government announces the grand opening of the

Posnack Nosh Cafe! 

Students will be selling bagels and donuts on Friday mornings between 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. in the Middle School Multi-Purpose Room. Proceeds will be used for the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

Scan this QR code and receive a free “donut hole” with any purchase!

Online registration is now open for the 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip, April 3rd – April 6th. A nonrefundable deposit of $99 is due by Friday, October 30th, payable to Posnack School. Checks can be brought to Donna in the Middle School office or directly to the business office. For more information, a tentative itinerary, and to register online, please click on this link!





Join me at the White House…

Along with our educational partners at Discovery Education, I would like to invite all Posnack families to participate in a live stream event at the 2015 White House Astronomy Night. This virtual field trip will transport your family straight to the White House for a look at how astronomy connects the disciplines behind STEM education to a real world experience. You may even have one of your submitted questions answered live!

Register now for this exciting event scheduled for tomorrow night, Monday, October 19th at 7:00 pm. Gather your family around the computer for what promises to be an amazing trip. See you there!!

Click on the link below to register:

Take a peek…

…into what took place in the Posnack middle school this week!!


Mazel Tov to our students who participated in this week’s B’nai Mitzvah service in recognition of their individual Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A special Todah Robah to our outstanding PTO for providing the beautiful cake and refreshments on this special occasion.












In Ms. Meyer’s Forensic Science elective, student detectives used ethanol and a buffer solution to extract DNA from strawberries. Could this provide an important clue to solving the case of the missing fruit salad?


IMG_4444 IMG_4445


A Math Scavenger Hunt was a great way to integrate technology into Ms. Spunt’s math classes today. Students used QR codes to solve decimal word problems in a competitive race against other classes. The final winner? Well let’s just say that it was a close finish and they were all within decimal points of one another!




And now for a quick update on Mr. Kelly’s Stock Market Challenge. As of late yesterday afternoon, our third place investor was Max K. with a net gain of 3.05% over his original investment. Close by in second place is Aaron A. who saw a net increase of 3.08%. Not giving up the lead in first place is the unnamed principal with a whopping increase in her portfolio of 5.08%! Students have now organized a petition that requires the winner of the challenge to provide pizza for all the investors. Efforts to reach the unnamed principal to comment on this petition were not successful, but Mr. Kelly firmly believes that it is a real possibility that this petition will be accepted. Congrats to all students participating, and we anxiously await the opening bell on Monday morning!

Election Connection…


Today, the Posnack Middle School students experienced a wonderful taste of democracy in action. Student government elections took place to determine which candidate would best represent the interests of their grade-level classmates. Leading up to today’s election, students completed an application requiring teacher and parent signatures, and then the campaigning began. Candidates created posters featuring clever slogans and personal videos that rivaled those of seasoned politicians. On election day, students signed in and then took their place in line to electronically cast their votes. They proudly wore their “I Voted Today” stickers throughout the day. Mazel Tov to all of the Middle School students for making the connection between real-world politics and Posnack student government! Candidate videos will be posted soon.

The newly elected officers are as follows:

8th Grade:

President – Jake R.

Vice-President – Emmy B.

Secretary – Sabrina E.

Treasurer – Ethan K.


7th Grade:

President – Zoey F.

Vice-President – Evan S.

Secretary – Loren S.

Treasurer – Daniel S.


6th Grade:

President – Joseph P.

Vice-President – Ben D.

Secretary – Shoshana F.

Treasurer – Jaiden D.




What do Washington, D.C., creating shadows, and making millionaires have in common?

The answer to the headline is simple…..they are all part of the excitement taking place in the Posnack Middle School!


Please join us on Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 pm for an informational meeting about the upcoming 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. The session will be held in the Brickman Auditorium. All interested eighth grade students and their parents are encouraged to attend.



Students in Mr. Reiner’s Algebra 1 Honors class are using proportional thinking to solve real life problems. Last week they simulated and experimented with the idea of indirect measurement to calculate the height of a tall object by creating a proportion using a smaller object and it’s shadow.  Using centimeter rulers, and flashlights to simulate sunshine, students measured action figures, markers, cones, and other devices along with their corresponding shadows.

Students were very excited when their hypothesis correlated to the actual height of their “tall object”. When the connection between theory and reality becomes common practice, the math becomes even more meaningful.
Way to go, Posnack Mathematicians!!! We are proud of how their tremendous efforts are transformed into mathematical growth and proficiency!!
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Walk into Mr. Kelly’s Stockmarket 101 elective and you’ll feel like you are entering a brokerage firm on Wall Street! Posnack students are extremely busy managing their personal portfolios after receiving $100,000 in Posnack dollars to invest. When they’re not busy looking up stock symbols or analyzing stock ticker updates, you’re likely to hear students discussing price-earnings ratios and annual percentage rates. The race is on to see who will have the largest increase in their portfolio value by the end of the semester. As the closing bell rang on Friday, we found Bryan E. in 3rd place, and Lucas Z. in 2nd place. Who landed in 1st place with a $2900 gain over the prior week? Let’s just say that the student traders are looking at their principal with new-found respect!