Election Connection…


Today, the Posnack Middle School students experienced a wonderful taste of democracy in action. Student government elections took place to determine which candidate would best represent the interests of their grade-level classmates. Leading up to today’s election, students completed an application requiring teacher and parent signatures, and then the campaigning began. Candidates created posters featuring clever slogans and personal videos that rivaled those of seasoned politicians. On election day, students signed in and then took their place in line to electronically cast their votes. They proudly wore their “I Voted Today” stickers throughout the day. Mazel Tov to all of the Middle School students for making the connection between real-world politics and Posnack student government! Candidate videos will be posted soon.

The newly elected officers are as follows:

8th Grade:

President – Jake R.

Vice-President – Emmy B.

Secretary – Sabrina E.

Treasurer – Ethan K.


7th Grade:

President – Zoey F.

Vice-President – Evan S.

Secretary – Loren S.

Treasurer – Daniel S.


6th Grade:

President – Joseph P.

Vice-President – Ben D.

Secretary – Shoshana F.

Treasurer – Jaiden D.