Take a peek…

…into what took place in the Posnack middle school this week!!


Mazel Tov to our students who participated in this week’s B’nai Mitzvah service in recognition of their individual Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A special Todah Robah to our outstanding PTO for providing the beautiful cake and refreshments on this special occasion.












In Ms. Meyer’s Forensic Science elective, student detectives used ethanol and a buffer solution to extract DNA from strawberries. Could this provide an important clue to solving the case of the missing fruit salad?


IMG_4444 IMG_4445


A Math Scavenger Hunt was a great way to integrate technology into Ms. Spunt’s math classes today. Students used QR codes to solve decimal word problems in a competitive race against other classes. The final winner? Well let’s just say that it was a close finish and they were all within decimal points of one another!




And now for a quick update on Mr. Kelly’s Stock Market Challenge. As of late yesterday afternoon, our third place investor was Max K. with a net gain of 3.05% over his original investment. Close by in second place is Aaron A. who saw a net increase of 3.08%. Not giving up the lead in first place is the unnamed principal with a whopping increase in her portfolio of 5.08%! Students have now organized a petition that requires the winner of the challenge to provide pizza for all the investors. Efforts to reach the unnamed principal to comment on this petition were not successful, but Mr. Kelly firmly believes that it is a real possibility that this petition will be accepted. Congrats to all students participating, and we anxiously await the opening bell on Monday morning!

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