What do Washington, D.C., creating shadows, and making millionaires have in common?

The answer to the headline is simple…..they are all part of the excitement taking place in the Posnack Middle School!


Please join us on Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 pm for an informational meeting about the upcoming 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. The session will be held in the Brickman Auditorium. All interested eighth grade students and their parents are encouraged to attend.



Students in Mr. Reiner’s Algebra 1 Honors class are using proportional thinking to solve real life problems. Last week they simulated and experimented with the idea of indirect measurement to calculate the height of a tall object by creating a proportion using a smaller object and it’s shadow.  Using centimeter rulers, and flashlights to simulate sunshine, students measured action figures, markers, cones, and other devices along with their corresponding shadows.

Students were very excited when their hypothesis correlated to the actual height of their “tall object”. When the connection between theory and reality becomes common practice, the math becomes even more meaningful.
Way to go, Posnack Mathematicians!!! We are proud of how their tremendous efforts are transformed into mathematical growth and proficiency!!
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Walk into Mr. Kelly’s Stockmarket 101 elective and you’ll feel like you are entering a brokerage firm on Wall Street! Posnack students are extremely busy managing their personal portfolios after receiving $100,000 in Posnack dollars to invest. When they’re not busy looking up stock symbols or analyzing stock ticker updates, you’re likely to hear students discussing price-earnings ratios and annual percentage rates. The race is on to see who will have the largest increase in their portfolio value by the end of the semester. As the closing bell rang on Friday, we found Bryan E. in 3rd place, and Lucas Z. in 2nd place. Who landed in 1st place with a $2900 gain over the prior week? Let’s just say that the student traders are looking at their principal with new-found respect!

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