Class of 2017- Congratulations! But before you leave…

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Published on: April 12, 2015


The Class of 2017 should do the following to their computer before walking down the aisle:

  • Have Dyknow and wireless software removed (or you could still be monitored and blocked)

  • Keep  Avast– it is a good and free antivirus alternative.

  • Keep Microsoft Office 2016! And download it to a new computer. Visit for free student software

  • Have their computer removed from the School Domain, if they wish.

  • Students who will not be using their Tablet-PC at college and wish to donate their computer to Posnack may do so.  Families will receive a letter from the school, stating their generosity for the donation to a non-profit organization.

  • Students who purchased the Fujitsu Q702 or T725 Tablet will still be entitled to the remaining accidental damage protection.  Students will, however, have to contact Fujitsu/Mobile Me It directly for assistance.

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