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Alumnus Justin Etzine (Class of 2014) recently completed a stint as an IT engineer intern for Cisco Systems at their head campus in San Jose, California. While there Justin worked with the Cisco team to develop a comprehensive financial management application for Cisco’s Commerce group using experimental web technologies and other cloud-based technology. The application now processes approximately $160 million per fiscal quarter. A second project that Justin developed allows Cisco Employees to manage their meetings using their Apple Watches. This project was picked as one of 10 to be presented at the Cisco IT Intern Summer Showcase, a culminating presentation where the best projects from the summer are presented to the CIO and other senior vice presidents, managers, and other interns. Now back at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Justin is serving as the Cisco Campus Ambassador for the school. He was also offered a return internship for the summer of 2016. Kol ha-kavod.