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School Infrastructure in Good Shape; Power Partially Restored

Posnack School survived Hurricane Irma with limited impact. School infrastructure, technology, and systems have been checked and they are in very good shape. Despite this, school buildings only partial power, which our school’s air conditioning units from running. The school cannot open our school without air conditioning.

Right now, reopening this week seems unlikely, but  we are hopeful that we will be able to reopen on Monday, September 18. The school will continue to send regular community updates on our progress.

Posnack School is aware that this is a challenging time for our families – daily routines have been disrupted and a sense of normalcy is missing. We are all grateful that the storm was not worse than experienced, but that does not make the challenges following the storm any easier on our students.

Regardless of when our school reopens, our school staff will work with all of our students to reacclimate them to the nuances of school work and schedules. The Posnack Way requires our school to handle this situation with delicate care and support, and we will do so for every student and in every grade.

To those families still without power or struggling with clean up from the storm, please let us know if we can help. We are one school community and want to help anyone who needs assistance.

Thank you to all of our Posnack School families for your understanding, support, and belief in the Posnack Way. And a special note of thanks to our incredible maintenance team, administration, and staff for working so hard these last few days to make reopening a possibility. Many of our staff members left their own homes without power to get our school ready. Our school community thanks them for their amazing efforts.