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Kulam Program at Posnack School

Kulam fosters academic, social and emotional competence, developing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that will lead to future success.

Our Philosophy

Kulam in Hebrew means “everyone”. We believe that every student at Posnack School should be provided with an educational experience designed for academic success. We teach our students to develop their strengths and overcome challenges, providing them with tools that lead to success at school and beyond. Our students benefit from individualized attention in a small class setting with specialized instruction and trained instructors. Students attending Kulam at Posnack School will be provided with opportunities to create independent and confident learners.

Kulam’s Mission

To provide a personalized learning environment through which every student can experience success. Kulam fosters academic, social and emotional competence, developing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that will lead to future success.

Kulam Leadership


Meet Principal Jennifer Beer


photo: jennifer beer, principal of kulam at posnack school

Ms. Jennifer Beer is the Principal of Kulam at Posnack School. Ms. Beer was born and raised in South Florida. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in child development from Tulane University. Ms. Beer then continued her education as she earned a master’s degree in education and an additional degree in exceptional student education. She has dedicated over 20 years to educating students in lower school through high school grades and has taught at the University of Miami. She has earned an ESOL endorsement, Facing History certification, and has spent many years developing curriculum for both elementary and middle schools at prestigious Jewish day schools in South Florida. Ms. Beer brings a variety of experiences, enthusiasm and most importantly, love for children of all abilities as she embraces this new and exciting endeavor as Principal of Kulam at Posnack School.

To contact Ms. Beer, email or call 954-583-6100 ext 342.

Kulam Offers

  • The warm and nurturing environment of David Posnack Jewish Day School
  • Participation in prayers, Judaic classes, observances, and Hebrew instruction
  • Personalized learning program based on Posnack’s high standards and outstanding curriculum
  • Instruction that is differentiated based on readiness, rate of learning, and methodology
  • Learning strategies and organizational skills
  • Seamless integration of instruction and executive function skills geared to creating independent and successful learners
  • Small class setting (with individual or small group instruction)
  • 4:1 student teacher ratio (K-5); 6:1 student teacher ratio (6-8)
  • Support team consisting of Occupational Therapy; Speech and Language Therapy; Social Skills/Pragmatics and Guidance in collaboration with teachers
  • Regular communication with the student’s team
  • Participation in Art, Music, and P.E. with grade level peers (grades K-5)
  • Participation in electives, clubs, sports, and performing arts
  • Homework/planning/studying support daily

Kulam Students

  • Benefit from a smaller class setting
  • Have average to above average to high intellectual ability
  • May have the ability to surpass academic performance
  • May perform below grade level
  • Have a diagnosed mild to moderate learning disability
  • Have a language-based challenge (oral/written and social communication)
  • Demonstrate weak executive function skills (planning, time management, organization, strategic thinking and more)
  • Demonstrates focus or attentional issues
  • Requires academic support and personal interaction beyond a typical classroom setting
  • Are college-bound

Note: The Kulam Admissions Committee only accepts students that are a fit for our programming. Students with significant developmental issues or behavioral concerns will not be accepted.

Admissions Process

  • Prospective families are encouraged to visit David Posnack Jewish Day School for a campus tour
  • Must provide a psycho-educational evaluation by a qualified professional completed within two years of the admissions application (this allows the Admissions Committee to determine the appropriateness of our program for each applicant)
  • Behavioral assessment and language evaluation, may be necessary
  • Student must be observed at current school
  • Parent/student interview (grades 4-8)

A Day at Kulam – Lower School

Prayer (20-30 minutes daily with peer group)
Literacy Block (1 hour)
Hebrew (45 minutes lab setting)
Art, Music, and P.E. (45 minutes with peer group)
Math (1 hour)
Lunch/Recess (45 minutes with peer group)
Torah (45 mintues)
Literacy Block (1 hour)
Social Studies/Science (45 minutes)
Homework Assistance/Test Preparation (30 minutes)

A Day at Kulam – Middle School

Language Arts
Electives (student choice of 1 or 2)
Social Studies
Homework Assistance/Test Preparation

A Kulam Success Story

Since entering the Kulam program, ‘J’ has become an engaged and confident learner. She is able to tackle new learning experiences with determination and resilience. She says, “I love learning in Kulam. I really get it!” J’s reading comprehension and fluency levels have increased beyond a grade level, gradually reducing the gaps between what she was able to do and grade level expectations. Because of the Kulam setting, J exudes confidence, self-assurance, and growing academic success.