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Welcome to Learning Resources at Posnack School

Overview of Learning Resources

In keeping with our school’s mission, the Learning Resources (LR) program was created for students (K-12) yet have learning disabilities and other learning differences, who can participate in the regular curriculum at David Posnack Jewish Day School, with additional academic support.

Students are referred to the LR department by parents, teachers or principals who notice learning issues that cannot be resolved by standard classroom interventions. In order to qualify for admission to the program, students must be evaluated by a psychologist who determines their learning needs. Upon acceptance to Learning Resources, our specialists develop an Action Plan that targets the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and include a list of classroom accommodations that will benefit the student.

Each student in LR follows a daily schedule of classes that includes a period during which they see the specialists in the Learning Resource Center. During this time the student receives remediation and/or curricular support and is instructed in study and organizational skills and strategies that will aid him/her in becoming independent learners.


In order to ensure success, the specialists in the Learning Resource Center communicate with parents on a regular basis about their child’s progress. They develop an Action Plan based on the child’s psycho-educational evaluation, and this plan is shared with and approved by the parents.

Our specialists share the Action Plan with the child’s classroom teachers, so that they are aware of the student’s needs in the classroom. Accommodations are reviewed so that they can be properly implemented by the teachers. The LR specialists are in touch with the classroom teachers of each subject regarding daily assignments and upcoming assessments. They work as a team to find strategies that will best serve the student.

Lower School Learning Resources

In the Lower School the Learning Resources Program focuses on remediation, as our school is a firm believer in early intervention. Based on the information provided in the child’s psycho-educational report, along with assessments that our specialists administer, we target the skills each student needs to strengthen. At that point the LR specialists develop an action plan that is shared with and approved by the parents.

This plan may include goals that target reading skills: decoding, fluency and comprehension. We utilize programs such as Orton- Gillingham (a multisensory approach to teaching phonics), Visualizing and Verbalizing (a program that teaches students how to utilize mental imagery) and Read Naturally (an online program which improves reading fluency and comprehension). Other areas that may be included in the goals are writing skills and math.

The LR specialists work on study skills and organizational skills to aid each student in their studies. The specialists may provide services in the regular classrooms so that they can best support our students in both Learning Resource room and classroom settings.

As previously mentioned, the LR specialists communicate with each student’s parents on a daily basis to report about what they worked on in that day’s session and to let the parents know what they can do that night at home. We believe the child’s success is a joint effort and that the parents are the most important members of their child’s team.

Middle and High School Learning Resources

In grades 6 through 12, the Learning Resources program meets during one period on a daily basis. The focus shifts from remediation to academic support. Our students are instructed in time management skills, how to organize their school materials and various strategies for studying.

Other Skills Taught

  • Note taking from textbooks
  • Active reading strategies
  • Essay organization, writing and editing
  • Test taking strategies
  • Critical thinking

Each student has an Action Plan that includes accommodations for the regular classroom. The LR specialists meet with the classroom teachers on a regular basis to ensure that these accommodations are being implemented in the classrooms, and to assist with classroom interventions.

In Fischer High School, the Learning Resources Center handles extended time applications for College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP exams) and ACT. Please contact the Director of Academic Support with questions.

For lower, middle, and high school students, the LR program is provided at an additional cost to parents. For more information please contact the Director of Academic Support, Ashira Bunder Drury, at

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