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Welcome to Hochberg Lower School East Campus

Hochberg Lower School offers K-5 students the chance to experience the challenge of a dual curriculum that combines the best of general and Jewish education in a warm and nurturing environment. Located on Posnack School’s East Campus, Hochberg Lower School provides a richly-engaging, technologically-advanced curriculum that promotes academic student success.

Our Philosophy

We see lower school as our first and best opportunity to instill a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Our stimulating curriculum and co-curricular activities engage our students, challenging them to think critically and creatively. Children not only learn about Judaism, they experience and “live it” through prayer, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, and a set of behavioral expectations rooted in Torah and Jewish tradition. “Living” their Judaism has a great impact upon shaping children’s lifelong beliefs, attitudes and values. It helps them develop a more complete, wholesome self-concept and identification with the family unit, their fellow students, the Jewish community, the American people, and the world at large.

Explore our School

Academic Program

Throughout their lower school experience, Posnack School students meet and master new challenges in a comprehensive range of subjects including language arts (reading, oral expression, writing, spelling, literature, vocabulary), mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, art, music, library, foreign language and Judaica (Hebrew language, Tefilah or prayer, Bible and Torah, writing, creative writing and holidays).


Judaic Studies at Hochberg Lower School

Posnack School East Campus instills a love of learning and a passion for being Jewish starting with our earliest learners. Our Early Childhood students are exposed to the beauty and wonder of Judaism through experiential activities and opportunities to embrace their heritage and culture. At this age, students are exposed to stories from the Torah, Jewish values, holiday rituals and practices, as well as many other mitzvot and minhagim. In Kindergarten, students begin their study of the Hebrew language, and learn the basics of letter recognition, vocabulary, and simple conversation, in addition to their exploration of the other facets of Jewish life. Using that study as the building block, students engage in language acquisition through songs, movement, collaborative work with their peers, and hands-on activities. The holidays come to life at Hochberg Prep, where students explore the ways we observe holiday rituals, prepare for their family’s holiday celebrations, and investigate the origins and reasons behind our modern-day holiday practices. Torah is a critical element to our Judaics program, and students investigate the stories and lessons from the Torah, adding an analysis of commentary as they matriculate into the upper grades. Our students are constantly engaged in gemilut hasadim within the school community, as well as in the Miami Jewish community and our global Jewish community as well. From a very early age, students discuss and plan out their annual class tzedakah allocations, creating personal connections with the various organizations they choose to support. As a STEM school, our learners are immersed in collaborative and inquiry-based learning throughout the Hebrew language and Jewish Studies classes. Technology is a critical element to our curriculum and students are engaged with SMART Boards, laptops, and iPads within their Hebrew and Judaic studies classes. In the Lower School, students learn the words and meanings of the daily shacharit (morning) service, as well as hallel (the psalms sung on holidays and at the beginning of each month). From Kindergarten, students learn the routines of the service and grow to become the leaders of their tefillah services in school. Exploring what the tefillot mean, and how they apply to our daily lives is paramount to understanding the role of prayer in Judaism, and to creating personal connections with the text and with Hashem. Our First Grade students receive their first siddur in the Spring of First Grade, as the culmination of their Siddur Presentation, a beautiful evening showcasing their learning. The Jewish life and culture of our school emanates from the classrooms and hallways, as well as from the laughter and joy of our students each and every day.

Meet Hochberg Lower School Principal Vered Roberts

hochberg lower school (east campus) principal vered robertsMrs. Roberts was born and raised in Israel. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education from the University of South Florida and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Mrs. Roberts has served as a principal for Broward County Public Schools for 18 years. She has also served as an assistant principal and a curriculum specialist in Broward County. Mrs. Roberts currently resides in Cooper City with her husband. She has two sons; one in college and one who is a senior in high school. To contact Mrs. Roberts, please email

Futureproof Learning at Hochberg Lower School

Hochberg Lower School embraces the importance of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education for all students in our school. We know that, to prepare the leaders of tomorrow, we must ensure students possess a strong foundation in the STEM areas.

Learning Resources

In the Lower School the Learning Resources (LR) Program focuses on remediation, as our school is a firm believer in early intervention. Based on the information provided in your child’s psycho-educational report, along with assessments that our specialists administer, we target the skills each student needs to strengthen. At that point the LR specialists develop an Action Plan that is shared with and approved by the parents. More learning resource information is available on the Posnack School learning resources page >>>

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Campus Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Hochberg Lower School campus in Hallandale Beach. Our brand new East Campus building opened in early 2020. These amazing state-of-the-art facilities offer unparalleled learning opportunities for our students.

East Campus News

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