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Art at Hochberg Preparatory

Why We Teach Art?

I know why students so often look forward to their Art Classes. It is a change and it is fun. It is a time when there is no right or wrong answer, it is impossible to fail, nothing to memorize, your ideas are welcome, almost any solution you devise is acceptable, and you might have an opportunity to socialize with friends.  Studying Art prepares a child for so much more than just becoming an “artist.” It’s benefits are many:

  • Whole-Brain Development: It is amazing how inventive students can be when they are allowed freedom within a given project. Recent research has shown that students who participate in the arts perform better in other fields of study.
  • Teaching Cooperative Learning: When students learn to discuss their ideas, compromise, take turn being “leaders”, and appreciate (or at least accept) the contributions of others, they are being helped in their personal development.
  • Teaching Responsibility: When students store their work, get out and put away supplies and equipment for a table, or help the teacher hang a display, they are developing a sense of self responsibility.
  • Teaching Art Appreciation: Teaching students about various kinds of art and different cultures helps them to appreciate that art does not have to be “pretty” to be valued.

At Hochberg Preparatory School, the program encourages students to understand and use the basic elements of art while gaining a knowledge of and appreciation for history. The art curriculum is integrated with Judaic and general studies, and learning to place through hands-on experience using various art media and techniques. The students will also learn about several famous artists and their particular style and then use their knowledge to create their own Masterpieces.