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Welcome to Posnack Lower School

Posnack Lower School offers students a challenging dual curriculum that combines the best of general and Jewish education. Our warm and nurturing environment instills confidence in students and prepares them for successful educational journeys.

Explore our Lower School

Posnack Lower School offers students the chance to experience the challenge of a dual curriculum that combines the best of general and Jewish education in a warm and nurturing environment.


At Posnack Lower School, we see the lower school as our first and best opportunity to instill a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Our stimulating curriculum and co-curricular activities engage our students, challenging them to think critically and creatively. Children not only learn about Judaism, they experience and “live it” through prayer, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, and a set of behavioral expectations rooted in Torah and Jewish tradition. “Living” their Judaism has a great impact upon shaping children’s lifelong beliefs, attitudes and values. It helps them develop a more complete, wholesome self-concept and identification with the family unit, their fellow students, the Jewish community, the American people, and the world at large.

Academic Program

Throughout their lower school experience, Posnack School students meet and master new challenges in a comprehensive range of subjects, including reading, writing, oral expression, spelling, social studies, math, science, Judaic Studies, Hebrew, prayer, art, music and physical education. Additional instruction in technology and weekly visits to our STEM lab and MakerSpace Innovation lab add excitement and enrich the core curriculum.

  • In addition to imparting a broad range of academic and creative knowledge and skill, Posnack School provides learning experiences to assist students in acquiring the moral, social, and interpersonal skills they need to thrive at school and in the world. Students develop the basic knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes necessary for ethical living, for the practice of mitzvot and Jewish traditions, and for the proper observance of Shabbat, festivals and holy days. Emphasis is placed on both learning of rituals and examination of the values and meanings underlying the rituals.
  • Our Art Studio will allow our students the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums and the space to work on large scale projects.  Watercolor, pencil, wire, marker and oil pastels are just a sample of some of the mediums that encompass the art program.  Students will also be introduced to a variety of master artists and art history in an effort to inspire an interest in the cultural arts. Developmental experiences are provided with the goal of enhancing skill, confidence and enthusiasm for expression.
  • Music is an integral part of the Lower School curriculum. The music curriculum becomes increasingly more sophisticated as children progress through the grades.
  • Drama is integrated into the Lower School curriculum as students prepare for school productions as part of their classroom and music activities. Through drama, students are given the opportunity to express themselves, gain self-confidence, and discover and enhance their creative talents.
  • Our physical education program is designed to develop physical skill, emotional good health, and sportsmanship through a variety of activities.
  • Enrichment programs reflect the view that the world is a classroom. Field trips take place as an enhancement of subject area studies and serve as a primary source for information and research. Students will have the opportunity to experience local day trips as well as overnight field trips.
  • All lower school students have access to our Media Center, where they are able to do personal and group related research, read and use our computers for classwork, entertainment or recreation, and participate in lessons, meetings and discussions. The Media Center houses a wide variety of secular and Judaic books, audio-visual items, online computers and a vast array of software, including the Accelerated Reader Electronic Book Program.
  • A wide variety of after school activities, classes, sports, and aftercare are conveniently available at the David Posnack JCC.

The Posnack School Judaic studies curriculum is taught using Hebrew as a unifying element. From their first day of kindergarten on, through music, games, role-play, and art, our students are immersed in the study of the Hebrew language, teaching of Torah stories, weekly parashot, and Jewish values, which enable students to develop their own Jewish identities.

The Judaic Studies curriculum, developed at the Posnack School, builds upon the principles of communicative heritage and language acquisition. It activates learning through a wide range of activities, utilizing multiple intelligences. The Judaic curriculum promotes communication, reading and writing skills, and the development of Jewish concepts and values. The goal is to develop the learners in a gradual process with a holistic and spiraled curriculum that provides each student with the skills needed to integrate and synthesize Judaism and moral values into their daily life.

In 5th Grade, our students are introduced to the study of Mishnah (Jewish law), Judaism’s oral tradition. Our students obtain familiarity with the original Mishnah sources and the skill to pursue independent study and creative thought. Students examine the material and define the connection between the written and oral traditions. Students also compare Jewish law to civil law. Further, students learn about the structure of the Jewish court system at the time of the Mishnah and the Great Sanhedrin and are able to compare it to the structure of the civil court system in the United States.

Meet Principal Brenda Stein


Beth Spier is the Posnack Lower School Principal. A talented educator for over the past 25 years, she received her undergraduate degree and her master’s degree in education from the American University in Washington D.C. Ms. Spier taught at the prestigious Lab School of Washington in Washington D.C. and in Florida at the Scheck Hillel Community Day School where she was both a classroom and a mentor teacher. She went on to become a lower school teacher at the University School of Nova Southeastern University.

Ms. Spier has been a part of the Posnack School family for the past twelve years as a classroom and mentor teacher, Posnack Plus founder, and administrator. From 2018-2020, Ms. Spier led the Meyer Preparatory Jewish Day School, a Posnack Jewish Day School, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida as the lower and middle school principal. Prior to working in the field of education, Ms. Spier worked at U.S. News & World Report Magazine and Prentice-Hall, in Washington, D.C.

When Ms. Spier is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her three sons, Will, Marc (Posnack School Class of 2015), and Jonathan (Posnack School Class of 2020).

To contact Ms. Spier, email or call 954-583-6100, x.600.

Futureproof Learning

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade use iPads to enhance their daily learning experiences. Sets of iPads housed in portable carts (COWS – Computers on Wheels) are just a fingertip away. This allows students to be more actively engaged in the tools we use daily to bring the world into the classroom. Our teachers strive to further engage learners and to better meet the individual needs of each student. Technology creates the opportunity to make essential review fun and exciting and to provide enrichments for those ready to move onward and upward. In short, this technology brings limitless resources to our students.There is no denying that we live in a technology dependent world. Thanks to the generosity of a caring donor, Posnack provides students with innovative technology, from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Students experience Posnack’s outstanding curriculum in a true 21st-century environment.

Our 5th Grade students work with wireless slate technology (similar to that used in the upper school) on a daily basis. For students in 4th Grade, this tool will be available on COWS and 5th Grade students will gradually move to individual slates allowing for both school and home use. The slate computers integrate with classroom interactive whiteboards, allowing teachers and students to move from one device to the other as part of a differentiated classroom. This results in greater individual engagement, increased motivation and self-esteem, impressive technical skills, the ability to accomplish more complex tasks, as well as increased collaboration.

In the Lower School the Learning Resources (LR) Program focuses on remediation, as our school is a firm believer in early intervention. Based on the information provided in your child’s psycho-educational report, along with assessments that our specialists administer, we target the skills each student needs to strengthen. At that point the LR specialists develop an action plan that is shared with and approved by the parents. Learn more about learning resources at the Posnack School >>>

Campus News

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