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Welcome to the Posnack Virtual High School

Posnack Virtual High School–A Different Kind of Distance Learning

Class of 2015 graduates

From our first graduating class to the present, the Posnack School has a proven track record of combining academic excellence and love for Jewish living.

David Posnack Jewish Day School (Posnack School) was founded in 1974 as a single lower school. The middle school was added in 1991, and a second lower campus was added in 1998. In 1998, the David Posnack Jewish Day School High School held its first classes with a total of eighteen 9th grade students. Since then, the high school has grown to its current enrollment of 225 students in grades 9-12. Now, we are proud to introduce our newest initiative, Posnack Virtual High School for the 9th and 10th grades..

Most virtual schools ask students to learn material on their own, and teachers are only available to answer questions and assess the students. Posnack Virtual High School is different. Our synchronous delivery model means students attend classes with live teachers, just like if they were physically with us. Using many educational technologies, students will video chat with their classes, allowing them to form relationships with their teachers and classmates that are missing from other online delivery models.

Explore Posnack Virtual High School below or download the school profile on the right.

Dr. Brandon Diamond is the Principal of the Posnack Virtual School.

Meet Dr. Diamond >>>

Academic Program
The Posnack Virtual School is dedicated to developing well-rounded scholars adept in both general studies and Judaic studies.

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Apply Now!
Our straightforward admissions process lets prospective students and their families concentrate on things that are more important than forms. The Posnack School accepts admission applications for 9th and 10th grades.

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Tuition & Fees
The David Posnack Jewish Day School offers our students a unique and challenging educational experience that combines an intensive, focused general education with an innovative, exciting Jewish curriculum.

Learn more about tuition and fees >>>

Financial Assistance
David Posnack Jewish Day School is committed to educating Jewish children regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full cost of tuition.

Learn more about financial assistance >>>

Judaic Studies
Reinforcing ahavat yisrael—commitment to the Jewish community and the State of Israel—is central to the Judaic studies curriculum at Posnack School.

Learn more about Judaic Studies >>>

College Counseling
The road to college is an individual journey; each child has their own path.

Learn more about college counseling at the Posnack Virtual School >>>

Posnack Virtual School Profile



Posnack Virtual High School Leadership

Meet Brandon Diamond, Posnack Virtual High School Principal


Brandon Diamond has been an educator in various capacities for 14 years. He graduated from the University of Miami in 2001 with a double major in Biology and Judaic Studies. While teaching biology for two years at Everglades High School in Miramar, FL, Dr. Diamond earned a Master of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University. After four more years of teaching at Celebration High School and some time working at Walt Disney World, he returned to University of Miami to earn a Ph.D. in Science Education and a Master of Science in Biology. Dr. Diamond then taught Biology at the University of Miami, before joining the Posnack School family in 2015. Now, he is working hard to start the first Jewish synchronous virtual school, while continuing to teach Genetics, AP Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology to Posnack students.

Posnack Virtual High School Academic Program


At the Posnack School we develop well-rounded scholars comfortable in the rigors of the classroom, the competition of the playing field, the inspiration of the stage, and the hallowed spirituality of the house of prayer.

Academic Program

The Posnack Virtual School curriculum includes courses in both general studies and Judaic studies. Posnack School requires its students to take a rigorous course load of eight courses per semester. Posnack School offers 15 different AP courses for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Moreover, even though AP Hebrew courses are unavailable from the College Board, many Posnack School students achieve sufficient proficiency in Hebrew to request language credits of their respective colleges. Posnack Virtual School students have access to a well-rounded list of course offerings that meet and exceed state and national standards in language arts, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. In addition to the required courses, a number of electives are available to the students.

Explore Courses

  • World Lit I & Composition, Honors
  • World Lit II & Composition, Honors
  • American Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Language & Composition AP
  • British Lit & Composition, Honors
  • English Lit & Composition AP
  • Yearbook
  • Journalism
  • Literary Magazine
  • SAT Prep
Social Studies
  • World History, Honors
  • Jewish History, Honors
  • American History, Honors, AP
  • Economics, Honors, AP
  • American Government, Honors, AP
  • Human Geography AP
  • Psychology AP
  • Geometry, Honors
  • Algebra II, Honors
  • Pre-Calculus, Honors
  • Statistics & Probability Honors, AP
  • Calculus Honors, AB, BC
  • Biology, Honors, AP
  • Chemistry, Honors, AP
  • Physics Honors, AP
  • Environmental Science, Honors, AP
  • Marine Biology Honors
  • Anatomy & Physiology Honors
  • Human Genetics
Foreign Language
  • Hebrew I, II
  • Hebrew III, IV, V, VI Honors
  • Spanish I, II
  • Spanish III, IV Honors
Judaic Studies
  • Tanach
  • Rabbinics I, II, III Honors
  • Advanced Judaic Seminar
  • Talmud

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 academic credits including 1.0 credit in health and physical education. In addition to the traditional college preparatory program, students who excel in their academic studies have opportunities to take honors and advanced placement (AP) courses.

  • Judaic Studies 4.0 Cr.
  • English 4.0 Cr.
  • Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one other Mathematics course) 4.0 Cr.
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, and one other Lab Sciences required) 4.0 Cr.
  • Social Studies (World History, Jewish History, American History, U.S. Government/Economics) 4.0 Cr.
  • Foreign Language- Hebrew 3.0 Cr. (if a student passes a Hebrew competency test, a another language is required)
  • Personal Fitness-Physical Education 0.5 Cr.
  • Health 0.5 Cr.
  • Performing and or Fine Arts 1.0 Cr.
  • Electives 6.0 Cr.
  • Total Credits for Graduation 30 Cr.
  • Community Service 100 hours

Apply Now

A Great Education Starts at the Posnack School

Thank you for your interest in the David Posnack Jewish Day School. At the Posnack School, our students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills in an exciting and nurturing environment. Our students are always being challenged both intellectually and spiritually to discover their passion that will help with their academic growth and commitment to Jewish values. This is accomplished through our integrated curriculum where students are motivated to be active learners and participants in our school community. While our student body comes from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, when they come together at the Posnack School, everyone feels at home–even when they join us from their own home. Incoming students are embraced by the warmth of our teachers, administration, and fellow students. Please contact me at 954-583-6100 x400 or email


Brandon Diamond
Posnack Virtual School Principal

Application Information

Applications are accepted all year long, but we do suggest that you start the process in October for the following school year. The Posnack School requires all applicants to take an admission test administered at a designated testing site. Students applying to Posnack Virtual School will be contacted to schedule a personal interview. For more information, or to arrange a virtual or in-person meeting with our Principal, please fill out our contact form or call (954) 583-6100, ext. 400.

Contact Admissions

10 + 10 =

Your Child’s Journey to Success Starts Here

At the David Posnack Jewish Day School, we want all our students’ experiences to be positive ones. Our straightforward admissions process lets prospective students and their families concentrate on things that are more important than forms. Application is separated by grade level. Each application kit includes a checklist to walk applicants through the process. The Posnack Virtual School accepts applications for students in 9th and 10th grade.

Application Schedule

Applications are accepted all year long, but we do suggest that you start the process in October for the following school year. The Admissions Committee meets to review each applicant’s file once we have received all required information. Parents will receive a letter of acceptance followed by an enrollment & tuition agreement. Applicants have two weeks to return the executed agreement along with their deposit.

Testing and Interviews

Posnack requires all applicants to take an admission test administered at our school. Students applying to Posnack Virtual School will be contacted to schedule a personal interview. For more information, please fill out our contact form or call (954) 583-6100, ext. 641.

Tuition & Fees

Posnack Virtual School–The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

The David Posnack Jewish Day School offers our students a unique, challenging, educational experience by combining an intensive, focused general education with an innovative, exciting Jewish curriculum. At the Posnack School, we are concerned not only with our students’ academic accomplishments, but also with their social and character development. We believe that this can be achieved most successfully when parents and school staff work together in a nurturing environment in order to ensure our children’s well-being.

Administrative Fee

All applications require a non-refundable administration and testing fee of $250.

Returning students pay a $400 non-refundable re-enrollment fee by January 19, 2017.

New students pay a $400 non-refundable enrollment fee within two weeks of acceptance. The non-refundable fee will reserve a place for the next school year, subject to satisfactory completion of the current year’s academic work, good behavior and family’s support of the school’s mission and philosophy.

New students pay a one-time matriculation fee of $800, which is included in the tuition agreement. The matriculation fee will be waived for the inaugural year.

Technology Fee

Each family is responsible for an annual fee of $600 per student. This fee helps to offset technological infrastructure, software licensing and updates, etc.


Students in Posnack Virtual School are required to purchase a computer for use in classes. Computers must be configured for use with school systems. Contact the Principal for more information on computer options.

Additional Costs

  • Overnight and/or long-distance trips
  • 9th-12th grade books and website fees
  • Senior dues

Sibling Discounts

  • 2 or more children enrolled – younger siblings receive a 5% discount calculated on the base tuition

Annual Fund

It is expected that all families will contribute to the Annual Fund at their level of financial ability. The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the Posnack School’s advancement program and plays a critical role in helping the Posnack School maintain its high level of academic excellence. The expense of operating a state-of-the-art academic institution committed to meeting the needs of students at various levels requires enormous capital. Supplemental funds raised through voluntary contributions to the Annual Fund are essential if the Posnack School is to maintain a comprehensive, well-rounded educational program which offers challenging academics and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

Gifts from parents, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff and alumni enable the Posnack School to enhance the education environment of the school by attracting and retaining top teachers and coaches, providing and sustaining cutting edge technology, expanding the fine arts and enhancing professional development. Please contact our Director of Development, Jessica Ben Nun, at 954-583-6100 ext 247.

2017-2018 Tuition

Tuition $15,000 – $12,000 for Inaugural Year
Registration Fee $400
Technology Fee $600
Matriculation Fee $800 – Waived for the Inaugural Year

Payment Options

  • Payment in full by April 7, 2017 receives a 3% tuition discount
  • Two (2) equal payments due June 2, 2017 and December 1, 2017
  • Ten (10) automatic credit card payments via the FACTS Program
  • Ten (10) automatic bank payments (ACH) debit via the FACTS Program*

*Please consult the FACTS Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement for details and fees.

Financial Assistance

Request for financial assistance will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and as funds are available. All requests are kept confidential. Your financial assistance paperwork will not be processed until acceptance to the Posnack School is completed. Applications for financial assistance are available here.

Financial Assistance–Help When You Need It

We recognize that paying for a day school education can be challenging and we want to help families meet that challenge. David Posnack Jewish Day School is committed to educating Jewish children regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full cost of tuition. The application details the required information you should gather and have available as you enter information into the financial aid application. A processing fee of $50 will be paid directly to Posnack. Once your application is complete, David Posnack Jewish Day School’s Financial Aid Committee will review the family financial information provided by you and then determine a financial aid award. David Posnack Jewish Day School provides financial aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need and availability of funds without regard to race, ethnic origin, or disability. All application forms, tax information, and other related paperwork is held in the strictest confidence. We feel that the success of our financial aid program depends on the confidentiality of financial information. We also expect that families will keep their financial award confidential as well. Awards may be withdrawn for failure to comply with this request. To begin the Financial Assistance process please follow the instructions below.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Applications can be made using an electronic spreadsheet.

To apply, download the financial assistance spreadsheet. When prompted, select “SAVE.” This will allow you to save your information as you go. Selecting “OPEN” will not allow you to save your information. When finished, print the completed spreadsheet and return to school along with all supporting documents by the due date.





Application Instructions



The application is ten pages. Please be sure to complete all ten pages.

  • Each of these pages are under separate tabs located at the bottom of each sheet. You need to click on each tab to get to a new page.
  • If your on-line answers are longer than the allotted space the information will not print properly. Please be cautious to avoid this from happening. If you need additional space, please enter information on page 11 titled “Add. Info.”
  • Please use the mouse to move from question to question instead of the Enter or Tab keys.
  • Remember to save your work every so often to avoid losing information you have already entered (i.e. power outage, etc.)
  • When you have completed the application, please print out the application by selecting “File”, “Print” and then “Entire Notebook.”
  • The completed application and supporting documents must be submitted to the business office no later than Thursday, January 19, 2017. (Returning families).

Financial assistance paperwork will not be accepted or processed until academic acceptance to David Posnack Jewish Day School is completed and the Enrollment and Tuition Agreement has been signed. If you have questions regarding our financial assistance program, please contact Karen Kleiman at 954-583-6100, ext. 235 or email her at

Judaic Studies at Posnack Virtual School

Strengthening the Connection

Reinforcing ahavat yisrael—commitment to the Jewish community and the State of Israel—is central to the Judaic studies curriculum. Alongside Hebrew instruction, students study Jewish sources, rabbinic literature, Jewish history and philosophy, and contemporary Jewish life. All Judaic studies instructors are certified by the Broward Central Agency for Jewish Education.


In the last years, the Posnack School has adopted an innovative Hebrew language curriculum developed by the school for students in grades 9-12. The Hebrew curriculum is linguistically sequential; texts and tasks increase in length and complexity as the student’s Hebrew improves. Each unit of study incorporates art, music, prose, poetry, news articles and Jewish texts, in layers of language ranging from biblical Hebrew to current scientific Hebrew terminology and common colloquialisms. All instructors are specially certified in the program.

Jewish History

Jewish history is incorporated in many aspects of the high school curriculum. In 10th grade, Posnack School students take part in mapping Jewish history from biblical times to the modern era. This offers students the opportunity to place contemporary events in their historical context and allows the students to see themselves in the long chain of Jewish tradition.

Tanach and Rabbinic Literature

In 9th grade, students study Tanach focusing on Neviim and ketuvim. Starting with the structure of the Tanach, students learn to read and compare biblical texts, recognizing primary interpretations. From 10th through 12th grade, students turn to the study of Mishnah before moving on to other rabbinic sources including Gemara, the Shulchan Aruch, and the Mishnah Torah. Jewish ethics, philosophy, law, and contemporary issues are examined through the lens of rabbinic thought.

Posnack School Israel Trip

One of the highlights of being a Posnack School student is the opportunity to learn about Israel first-hand through our Study Program in Israel in conjunction with the Alexander Muss High School in Israel. From the time our students begin at the Posnack Virtual School, they learn about the roots of the Jewish people, study the Hebrew language, and explore Israeli customs and traditions, including holiday celebrations. During their two weeks in Israel, our students have the chance to live all that they have learned by experiencing Israel chronologically, from biblical times to the present.

Their time in Israel is specifically selected to allow them to observe and to participate in Israeli commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hazikaron, and Israel Independence Day. Students visit Yad Vashem, stand in the streets as the siren sounds throughout the country, and celebrate Israel’s birthday in Haifa. Our students also interact and celebrate with Israeli students from Nesher, our sister city in Israel.

Whether our students are climbing Masada, seeing the amazing laser light show over Jerusalem, smelling the preparations for Shabbat, hearing and speaking Hebrew in the streets, or tasting traditional Israeli delicacies, they get to feel Israel by using all five of their senses. For our students, this amazing experience is the seed of a growing relationship between them and Israel that will continue to grow and develop through high school and their adult life.

Director of Judaic Studies

Meet Rabbi Robert Kaplan

Rabbi Robert Kaplan is Director of Judaic Studies at David Posnack Jewish Day School where he leads the Judaic Studies team and oversees the Judaics studies curriculum. Rabbi Kaplan joined Posnack School  from the Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School, where he worked as a teacher, Judaic studies chair, and interim high school principal, among many other roles. He has taught Talmud and Bible at Florida International University, arranging for high school students taking his honors courses to receive college credit through the FIU dual-enrollment program. Rabbi Kaplan has a B.A. cum laude from Albright College and an M.Ed. in Policy, Governance and Administration from the University of Washington. He is a certified mohel and continues to serve the South Florida Jewish community in this capacity.

College Counseling at the High School

The College Counseling Process

Getting Ahead in a Competitive World

The road to college is an individual journey; each child has their own path. As the only Jewish K-12 college preparatory school in Broward County, the responsibility of preparing our students for successful and rewarding academic careers is a sacred duty to our students and their families. Working together with students and their parents, Posnack School’s guidance and college counseling team helps students discover the schools that are right for them. This process begins in middle school, with an introductory meeting with the college advisor in 8th grade. Students participate in individual and class meetings with the college advisor and the guidance team over the next 4 years.

College Success Starts with a Posnack Diploma

  • 3 students from the Class of 2014 were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists
  • Class of 2014 students garnered many awards and scholarships including: Nordstrom Scholarship, National Council of Jewish Women Scholarship, Ford Salute to Education, as well as a Silver Knight winner in Social Science and an Honorable Mention in Business
  • 78% of Posnack High School’s Class of 2014 who applied to the University of Florida were accepted
  • 98% of Posnack High School’s Class of 2013 qualified for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship
  • 100% of the Class of 2014 was accepted into 4-year colleges and universities
  • Posnack School graduates rank in the top 5% nationally

Click for the list of Posnack School College and Post-Graduate Acceptances, 2002-2014.

Meet Randi Marcus, Director of College Counseling

Randi Marcus, M.S., is Posnack School’s Director of College Counseling. Randi was born and raised in New York and brings over 20 years of varied and relevant experience to her role at Posnack School. As Director of Guidance and College Counseling at University School for the past 16 years, she created and implemented a personalized comprehensive college counseling program for students in 5th through 12th grades. Randi absolutely loves working with students throughout their college search and application process and empowers them to make informed decisions that will optimize their post-secondary choices.

A 26-year resident of Golden Beach, she is married with 3 children and 4 dogs. Randi received her M.S. in Counseling and a Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She completed training and certificate programs in College Admission Counseling at Harvard, Dartmouth, Emory, and Stanford Universities.

Randi loves meeting students and families and invites you to drop by the new college counseling suite! To contact her, please email her at or call her at 954-583-6100, ext 456.

Posnack Virtual School Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Posnack Virtual School?

A: We are a Jewish online school designed to provide a Jewish college-preparatory education to students unable to get such an education in a traditional setting.

Q: Who is eligible to attend Posnack Virtual School?

A: Posnack Virtual School is for students who live at least 30 miles away from David Posnack Jewish Day School’s main campus in Davie, FL. In practical terms, this means that if you live in Florida, you should live south of Downtown Miami, north of Boca Raton, or on the west coast in order to attend online. Additionally, we only accept applications for new students entering 9th or 10th grade.

Q: With which denomination of Judaism is Posnack Virtual School affiliated?

A: As a community Jewish day school, all of David Posnack Jewish Day School is unaffiliated with any denomination of Judaism. We have students who belong to Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, and Reform synagogues, as well as students who are unaffiliated with a synagogue. We strive to create an environment where all are welcome and comfortable.

Q: Do students have to be in front of the computer at certain times?

A: Yes. The teaching model we use requires students to be in front of their computers with a webcam, in a virtual classroom, at the same time as their teacher and classmates. This adds collaboration and social elements missing from other virtual school models, because face-to-face conversations are possible.

Q: Do students have to teach themselves?

A: No. One of the best aspects of our teaching model is that students learn from a live teacher, who will explain concepts and answer questions, just like if the student was physically in a school.

Q: Is Posnack Virtual School a form of homeschooling?

A: Yes and no. Students who live in Florida can tell the state they are attending a Florida school online. Students who live outside of Florida should follow their state’s laws regarding homeschooling, and say that Posnack Virtual School is the curriculum provider. In either case, unlike other homeschool options, students will be taught by teachers licensed in each subject area. Therefore, students will be able to send an accredited transcript to universities.

Q: How do I know what my state’s homeschool laws are?

A: You should always check your state’s department of education website to be sure. However, the Coalition for Responsible Home Education has a good website with overviews of each state’s requirements.

Q: Is Posnack Virtual School accredited?

A: Yes! We are currently accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of Florida, the National Council for Private School Accreditation, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Florida Council of Independent Schools, and the Florida Kindergarten Council.

Q: Will universities accept a Posnack Virtual School diploma?

A: Yes! Students graduating from Posnack Virtual School and students graduating from Paul and Maggie Fischer High School (our physical location) will both receive diplomas and transcripts that say they are from “David Posnack Jewish Day School.” We have an extremely good college and university placement rate, and Posnack Virtual students will benefit from the same college support opportunities.

Q: What technology is required for students enrolled in Posnack Virtual School?

A: Posnack Virtual School students are required to have reliable access to a high speed internet connection. The school offers opportunities to purchase suitable computers with all of the necessary specifications and a kid-proof warranty. Other technology, such as a second monitor, are suggested but not required.

Q: How do absences work?

A: Because students are required to attend their classes virtually, they will be marked absent if they are not participating in class. However, our teachers record their classes, so it is easy for students to learn the material they missed. We do not differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. Students with more than 12 absences in a semester will not receive credit for the semester.

Q: What if my computer is not working?

A: We have technical support staff available to help you with any computer problems.

Q: How do assessments work?

A: David Posnack Jewish Day School is on a proficiency based assessment system, which means students are graded on performance, rather than effort. Students will always take formative assessments (such as quizzes) during a unit, which they can retake if they do poorly the first time. These are designed to help the student understand what is needed to succeed on a summative assessment, and to help the teacher determine where each student is in their learning. Summative assessments (such as tests) are given at the end of a unit, and cannot be retaken.

Q: How do you take a test online?

A: We give our assessments through Canvas, a learning management system widely used by both high schools and universities. Canvas allows us to assess students remotely as well as providing instant feedback.

Q: How do you prevent cheating?

A: When taking assessments, students will access Canvas through Respondus Lockdown Browser. Lockdown Browser prevents students from accessing other software on their computers and creates a video recording of them taking their assessments. Teachers can then go back and check for suspicious behavior.

Q: What if a student needs extra help?

A: All teachers have office hours at least one day per week after school and at least one day per week during lunch. However, most teachers are available more often upon student request. Students will be able to go into a virtual classroom to see and hear and speak with their teacher, in the same way they participate in classes.

Q: What are the Judaic Studies requirements for Posnack Virtual School students?

A: All students take at least one Judaics class each year, but they can take additional classes as electives if they choose.

Q: How does Tefillah work?

A: Because a virtual minyan is generally not accepted as appropriate, students are asked to daven Shacharit on their own.

Q: What are the Hebrew requirements for Posnack Virtual School students?

A: All students take Hebrew language classes appropriate for their proficiency level each year.

Posnack Virtual School Privacy Policy

​Information collected will only be used to contact you about Posnack Virtual School. Your information will not be shared with any other company or organization.