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Hochberg Lower School Capital Campaign

To meet the educational and social needs of our growing student body, Hochberg Lower School has completed construction on its new home in Hallandale Beach. The new, state-of-the-art East Campus represents the fulfillment of the vision set for us by our founders–to build a lower school that will serve the South Florida Jewish community for generations. This dream has only become reality because of the strong and generous support of donors and community sponsors. You can help keep our founders’ vision going strong in the many years ahead by continuing your support of the Hochberg Lower School capital campaign.

The New East Campus

Hochberg Lower School’s new East Campus features an amazing array of facilities that once might have been seen only at high schools or colleges. The new campus is home to:

  • High tech STEM Lab
  • Miniaci Media Center
  • Professional art studio
  • Fully-equipped music studio
  • Theater facilities for full-scale musical productions.
  • Dynamic, ergonomic, and adaptable learning environments
  • Kosher dining hall led by one of South Florida’s most innovative chefs
  • Athletic facilities dedicated to competitive sports teams
  • Space for clubs for every interest

In addition, all classrooms feature the latest Clear-Touch technology to enhance learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Contact our Development Department at to learn about all the exciting ways your gift can make a difference and how you can take an exclusive hard hat tour of the new campus. Please click here to see a virtual tour of our new campus.

Double Your Impact

Thanks to a generous $150,000 matching gift from the Albert and Beatriz Miniaci Family Foundation, the new Hochberg Lower School East Campus will be home to the fabulous Miniaci Media Center. This new center offers students the chance to explore the world through literature, film, music, and all manner of media.

The Miniaci family’s commitment to Hochberg Lower School’s mission means that now is the best time to join our Capital Campaign. With the help of the Miniaci family, each gift to the campaign will now be doubled. Your gift of $5,000 is now 10,000!

This beautiful gesture of faith in Posnack Way is a testament to the Miniaci Family’s commitment to South Florida, as well as their passion for family, education, and community, which includes support for Nova Southeastern University, the Holocaust Education Fund, Boys and Girls Club of Broward, Broward Performing Arts Center, Slow Burn Regional Theater, the Community Foundation of Broward, Hispanic Unity, Goodman JFS, and the JCC. Hochberg Lower School is extremely grateful to be included in this group of amazing organizations.

About Albert and Beatriz Miniaci

Albert and Beatriz Miniaci have been mainstays of the South Florida community for over 30 years. The Miniaci family has focused their giving on helping children, supporting theater, and ensuring thriving educational opportunities. They believe strongly that education and arts and culture are the best ways to improve our community.

The Miniaci family’s dedication to Hochberg Lower School grew from a personal relationship with the Hochberg family and Beatriz Miniaci’s connection to her family’s tradition. These connections and the family’s leadership in funding education and the arts made them want to create a special space on East Campus for students to learn and grow. In their inimitable fashion, the Miniaci family has expressed their gratitude to Hochberg School for for the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of giving back to the community. The family ask that everyone join them on their journey by giving in meaningfully in support our children as every gift, no matter the size, ensures a bright future for our community.

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