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Posnack School Fund

Our great sage Hillel taught that one should not say “when I have time, I will study Torah” because one may never have time. For generations, Jews have followed Hillel’s teaching, devoting ourselves and our communities to education. Those that came before us knew that study forged the links of the golden chain of tradition that binds us mi-dor le-dor – from generation to generation. They knew that offering meaningful support to Jewish education was a sacred responsibility. Our school’s founders understood this when they came together 46 years ago to create a school that combined the finest general and Jewish education. Now it’s our turn to forge links in the golden chain by supporting the Posnack School Fund.

We, as Jews, have been charged with being the “light unto the nations”. Light has been one of the foundational principals of Judaism since the creation of the world. It is the first thing that G-d created. Light cannot be seen, but we become aware of its presence when it enables us to see other things. We are able to light 1000 candles from one flame, and the original is still just as strong. So too, must we ignite within our children the love for Judaism, Torah, and mitzvot, so they may go out and be a “light unto the nations”.

We light candles each week to reactivate our commitment to bringing holiness into our homes. Make that same weekly, monthly or annual commitment of light by investing in the future of our children and for generations to come by joining us in supporting the Posnack School Fund.

Your gifts to the Posnack School Fund make it possible for our school to continue to provide the best Jewish and general education to the next generation. In addition to granting much-needed tuition assistance, gifts to the Posnack School Fund enhance the educational environment by attracting and retaining top teachers and coaches, providing and sustaining cutting-edge technology, expanding the fine arts, and enhancing professional development. The Posnack School Fund also provides security funding so your support directly contributes to the safety and security of more than 1,100 students and 250 staff.

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