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Posnack School Plus Fund

The Posnack Plus at Posnack School program has been a blessing to our family.  Our daughter is delighted to go to school each day where she is given the opportunity to realize her full academic potential.  She is completely integrated with all the students in her grade and has made many friends outside the program as well.  She is an empowered confident child who knows how smart she is and has the environment to prove it. — Lower School Parent

We believe that every student at Posnack School should be provided with an educational experience designed for academic success. We teach our students to develop their strengths and overcome challenges, providing them with tools that lead to success at school and beyond. Our students benefit from individualized attention in a small class setting with specialized instruction and trained instructors. Students attending Posnack Plus will be provided with opportunities to create independent and confident learners.

We personalize the learning environment where every student can experience success. Posnack Plus fosters academic, social and emotional competence, developing a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that will lead to future success.

We provide our students with smaller classes knowing they require academic support and personal interaction beyond a typical classroom setting. The personalized learning programs are based on Posnack School’s high standards and outstanding curriculum, and instruction is differentiated based on readiness, rate of learning, and methodology. We provide seamless integration of instruction and executive function skills geared to creating independent and successful learners.