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Dr. Richard Cuenca, Head of School

Message from the Head of School


For over four decades, the Posnack School has made incredible strides both in serving our children and the broader Jewish community. At our core, the spirit of the Posnack School resides within our students. Every year they actively demonstrate their concern for one another, their care for the school community, and their commitment to making the world a better place. Our school’s original founders believed in a clear purpose that is flourishing today and is as vibrant and alive as ever before in our history.

The Posnack School tradition of offering our students the finest academics AND Judaics within the confines of a Jewish Day school continues every school year. We are proud of our storied 42 year history and the hundreds of alumni who have passed through our doors.

The Posnack School experience is deeply rooted in the traditions of our people and the teachings of our heritage. We strive to instill the values of Torah in our students and bring its lessons alive in a purposeful and meaningful way.

As one of the few kindergarten through 12th grade community Jewish day schools in the United States, our purpose is critical to the overall future vibrancy of the Jewish community. Our graduates walk the campuses of the colleges throughout the world, and their Posnack School training puts them at the forefront of advocating for Jewish causes. Moving beyond college, being a valuable member of the Posnack School family is a connection and partnership that lasts a lifetime and never truly ends. “Once a Posnack School Ram, always a Posnack School Ram” is our motto.

Enjoy going through our new school web site. There is valuable information throughout this site to help you learn more about our school. If you ever need any assistance, please feel free to call our school’s Admissions Office for further information. I look forward to welcoming you to the David Posnack Jewish Day School experience and showing you everything our school has to offer your family.


Dr. Richard Cuenca
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Posnack School Administration Directory

Dr. Richard Cuenca Head of School 200
Dena Decker CFO 242
Stacey Levy Director of HR 242
Laurie Huss Director of Operations 242
Rabbi Robert Kaplan Director of Judaics 414
Joanie Silverman Director of Curriculum & Instruction 730
Sabrina Kurzman Director of Development 247
Randi Schwartz Director of Marketing and Communications 234
Jeff Shapiro Director of IT 490
Didi Moses Director of Performing & Visual Arts 731
Wayne Stofsky Director of Athletics 466
Ashira Bunder Drury Director of Learning Resource 417
Gayle Green High School Principal 453
Tamara Zaslow Middle School Principal 301
Brenda Stein Lower School Principal 642
Jennifer Beer Corliss Kulam Principal 342
Keith Krasiejko Dean of Students 319
Susie Jackowitz Director of Admissions 641
Randi Marcus Director of College Counseling 456
Lynda Tohar Executive Assistant to Head of School 200

Throughout its remarkable forty year history, the Posnack School has benefited from the tireless efforts of committed parents and community members. From our founding families to our present Board of Trustees, the Posnack School is indebted to the many individuals who have helped define the vision and direction of our school over the years. The Posnack School would not exist without the hard work, determination, tenacity, and generosity of these individuals.

Board of Trustees

Harry Warticovschi- President

Craig Feldman- Immediate Past President

Rachel Antevy

Dr. Fred Chussid

Dr. Henry Cusnir

Lisa Djamal

Karen Dombey

Ricardo Faerman

Paul Fischer

Joel Hochberg

Eric Jacobs

Sharon Kaplan

Gary Marks

Elaina Modlin

Sam Moshe

Gil Neuman

Dr. Sheri Rosenberg

The Honorable Ron Rothschild

Mark Rousso

Robert Shelley

Shari Silverstein