6th Grade Out of the Box Wrap Up

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Published on: August 24, 2017


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend tonight’s session.  It is always an exciting event, for families to attend.  Hopefully, everyone left and was able to uphold the oath of “No Tears, and Patience.”  The Tech team looks forward to working with you and your children.  Here is a little recap and highlights from tonight’s event:

  1. Contact Info for the Tech Team:
    1. Jeff Shapiro, jshapiro@posnackschool.org   Twitter: @posnacktech
    2. Niva Alboukrek, Teacher/Student Instruction
    3. Daniel Taylor, Network System Administrator/Help Desk Specialist
  2. Be in the know and find out the latest from free resources like Twitter (@CommonSense, # digital parenting, re and set guidelines for your child.  Set expectations and guidelines  (ie: no phones in the bedroom, doors open when using the computer, etc.).
  3. Have students use Google to backup regularly.  It’s free and UNLIMITED and once a Posnack student graduates, the account stays active.
  4. Microsoft Office through the students Office 365 accounts (they will learn how to access it during class) entitles students to download Office to multiple devices.
  5. Go over expectations and guidelines.  Set down home rules (no phones in bedrooms, or closed doors when on the computer).
  6. Encourage good digital citizenship and being cautious when giving out personal information.  See what comes up when you search your name at https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/
    1. Once you search then submit a request to remove your info:  https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/removal
  7. Need some assistance in knowing what your child is doing. Check out:
    1. Teensafe
    2. OurPact (Set daily allowance for apps)
    3. Qustodio 
  8. Canvas vs. the Portal
    1. Academic Portal is for report cards, online forms, seeing latest grades, Portfolio (standardized test scores, etc.)
    2. Canvas Learning Management System: Homework, Turn in assignments, View classroom information, see assignments/video/audio for extra help and when absent from school.
    3. Parents can get Canvas Accounts by following this video.   By the way…forgot the mention the cool feature if you have Alexa from Amazon. Tie in your child’s account to Alexa and then you can say “Alexa, what is my Homework tonight” and it will tell you!
  9.  Computer Notes
    1.  School images the devices to remove extra “stuff” that is not needed and adds school software.  Sometimes, especially with newer devices, it may not work perfectly and we will update the image to make it work the best on the student’s machines. If something goes wrong, just email us, and we will fix it and/or release an update.
    2. Remind your child to backup their work.  The computer is most likely to crash the night before a summative assessment, just when your child is ready to start studying.
    3. It’s your device to add what you’d like. Students are instructed to keep it as a “work device” and not add games. If a computer has to be erased and re-imaged, we only work to save the school work, not the games.
    4. Please put your name on the charger, computer, and stylus. They all look the same and sometimes end up in the wrong person’s bag.
    5. Make sure the computer is charged every night.
    6. The battery should last the day, depending on the student.
    7. During the school day, Dyknow and the web-filter help encourage students to stay on task and away from inappropriate materials.
    8. The Goal: Make the computer last as long as possible and not to incur additional expenses.  The warranty is good for 3 years and includes accidental (and not so accidental) damage.  The battery and charger are good for 1 year.
    9. Theft and loss are not covered. Check your homeowner’s policy to see if you can add it.

Look for more training on Canvas coming up over the next several months.

Thank you once again for attending tonight.

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