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Student D’var Torah: Chayei Sarah

In this dvar torah on parashat chayei sarah, Fischer High School senior Amalya “Mollie” Zieper explores life lessons highlighted in this week’s Torah reading … During Chayei Sarah, Abraham buries his wife and entrusts his servant Eliezer to...

Posnack First Grader Blows ‘Em Away

Posnack’s Ethan G, a first grader in Ms. Liroff’s class, won last month’s shofar competition at Forest Trace. Ethan graciously donated his $100 prize to David Posnack Jewish Day School. Kol hakavod!

Save 20% on Uniforms, November 2-9

Debbie’s Uniforms is holding their yearly November uniform sale a bit earlier this year. Get mid-year replacements or stock up for spring from November 2-9, 2013.

Middle & High School Students Visit BoMA

Middle and High school art students enjoyed a field trip to the Boca Museum of Art. They examined paintings of artists who visited Santa Fe for inspiration. Students will create a personalized South Florida landscape painting back in the studio that will be on display...

Senior Gives Back

Fischer High Senior Justin Etzine is volunteering some of his time with students at the Posnack Middle School. Justin leads the Middle School Computer Programming Club during lunch.