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Order Winter Uniform Outerwear Now

Be prepared for cooler winter weather by ordering your school winter outerwear now. Visit Flynn O’Hara Uniforms in Varsity Square or call 954-233-6533.
Two Systems to Live By

Two Systems to Live By

This week’s Torah portion, Parshat Noach, completes the enumeration of the mitzvot incumbent upon all human beings. They are: not to worship idols, not to curse God’s name, not to murder, not to engage in forbidden sexual relations, not to eat the limb of...

A Student Take: Jamie K. on Parashat Noah

This week, Fischer High School senior Jamie K. offers a d’var torah on parashat noah. Due to the corruption of mankind, G-d warned Noah that he was about to destroy the world with a flood. He told Noah to build an Ark out of Gopher wood, three hundred cubits in...

Posnack Open Studio: Mobiles

The Posnack community gathered in the upper-school art studio to make Calder inspired mobiles.  These will be displayed at our Rainbow show which will take place in the Intermission Gallery during the Middle School play, The Wizard of Oz, December 2-4. Join us next...