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Sanctuary Cities vs Cities of Refuge

Sanctuary Cities vs Cities of Refuge

Precise legal definitions of the contemporary “sanctuary city” are illusive. Whatever the case, the Torah’s idea of “cities of refuge,” mentioned in this week’s combined Torah portion, Matot-Masei, has specific objectives.

2017-2018 Start-of-School Forms Now Available

Start-of-school forms for the 2017-2018 school year are now available on the Posnack School Academic Portal, which can be accessed from the homepage of Posnack School website.

A  Misunderstood Personality

A Misunderstood Personality

In this week’s parashah, Pinchas, without Pinchas actions, the entire nation of Israel would have been destroyed. What was so great a sin that God would have destroyed the entire nation, and how did Pinchas bring a halt to the devastation?

Hochberg Middle School & Dining Hall Ribbon Cutting, Monday, August 21

Monday, August 21, we’re cutting the ribbon on the Marcia and Joel Hochberg Middle School and Dining Hall, home of The Kosher Culinary Institute at the Posnack School. Click for details.

To schedule a “hard hat” tour of the new building or to support this vital project, please contact Jessica Ben Nun, To RSVP for the Ribbon Cutting, please contact Carla Sanchez,