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#PosnackEverywhere Goes Camping

This week’s #PosnackEverywhere comes to us from Ryan N. and Jake D. at Camp Blue Star, and Adam S. at Camp Ramah Darom. Click for photos.

The Kiss of God

One of the obstacles to learning Chumash, “The Five Books of the Torah,” is that it is written in a very condensed fashion. This week’s Torah portion, Chukat, is a good example. The major topic of last week’s parsha, Korach, dealt with an event that took place in the 2nd year after B’nei Yisrael left Egypt. This week, chapter 20 of Sefer Bamidbar picks up the story of B’nei Yisrael 38 years later with the death of Miriam. What happened during those nearly 4 decades?