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Women Learning Torah

Living in the 21st century, we like to think of ourselves as enlightened and progressive. We are breaking down the barriers of social discrimination that have permeated most societies. Judaism, its philosophy and religious practice, has been assailed as archaic and discriminatory. An event recorded in this week’s Torah reading sheds light on how we should understand our Jewish religion in this realm.

More World Travels for #PosnackEverywhere

This week #PosnackEverywhere visits Florida, Venice, Portugal, Israel, and takes a ride on the subway in New York City. Click to see the awesome pics!

Important Upcoming RAM Athletics Orientation and Practice Dates, 4th-12th Grades

The RAM Athletics Department has been hard at work preparing for the 2019-2020 school year. Our new athletic field is complete and ready for action. The court in the RAM Gymnasium has been resurfaced and re-painted and looks brand new again. Tryouts and practices for multiple sports will begin soon. Some sports will begin before the first day of school. Click for scheduling details.

An Important Lesson From Balak

This week’s Torah portion, Balak, records another formative event that took place toward the end of the Israelites’ 40-year stay in the desert. The Torah reading begins by introducing us to Balak, the king of the neighboring country of Moav. The narrative relates, “Balak became terrified and disgusted because of the Jewish nation.” (Bamidbar 22:3). This poses two questions: Why was Balak afraid of the Israelites and why was he disgusted by them?