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A Permanent Memorial of True Ideas

One of the most difficult questions we all must face is where our final resting place will be. Some people are fortunate; this burden is alleviated by their already having a designated burial place with a place in a family plot. From this week’s Torah reading, Chayei Sarah, it is apparent that Avraham did not pre-purchase a burial plot for Sarah. Rather, we find him in a very common situation. In the midst of his grief, Avraham must now buy a burial place for his wife. What important idea is the Torah highlighting for us by recording this event?

Student Government Take the Lead on Harvest Drive

Our Posnack Lower School, Hochberg Middle School, and Fischer High School student government leadership came together to help sort and pack donations to our recent Harvest Drive. Kol ha-kavod to our young leaders for their hard work in fulfilling this important mitzvah. Thank you to everyone who donated to the drive. Click for photos.

Posnack Lower School Student Azi S. is a Super Bowl Champ

Posnack Lower School student Azi S. is a member of the Cooper City Colts in the American Youth Football League (AYFL) Championship in the Mighty Might Division. The 2nd Grade student helped his tackle football team win their Super Bowl championship, defeating the Pembroke Pines Optimist Bengals 6 – 0 at PAL Field in Plantation. Kol ha-kavod!