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Kindness Rocks!

Third Grade students worked with Posnack School art educator Michele Bernstein to create “kindness rocks.” Their beautifully decorated rocks are sure to spread good cheer. Click for photos.

Fischer High School Peer Tutors Make a Difference

We have an amazing group of dedicated Fischer High School volunteer tutors this year. Our Hochberg Middle School students are working hard and making progress. The students meet with their tutors every Wednesday in Dr. Tolentino’s classroom. Click for photos and details.

The True Heir of Avraham

Who is the true heir of Avraham’s philosophy of life? There are many possibilities. First there is his nephew, Lot, who is with Avraham in Ur Kasdim, long before Avraham’s migration to Canaan. Then there is Eliezer, Avraham’s top student. He is placed in charge of Avraham’s entire household and is the person Avraham later sends on a mission to find a wife for Yitzchak. Ishmael, Avraham’s son with Hagar, and Yitzchak, Avraham’s son with Sarah, are of course in the running. Finally, Avraham has six other sons with a woman named Keturah. So which one is it?

Once a Dream, Now a Reality!

Construction on our new state of the art campus in Hallandale Beach continues to make incredible progress. The building’s exterior concrete is complete, the last windows are being installed, interior partitions are going up, and the rough-in for mechanical units is being completed. We are reaching new building milestones with every passing week. Click for details.