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The Seasons for God

This week’s Torah portion Emor, אמור, contains within it the section of the “moadim,” מועדים. How exactly to translate the term “moed,” מועד, to convey its proper significance, is not so simple.

Go Over Your Check with the Waiter. It’s A Mitzvah!

Just a few weeks ago we were gathered around a festive table with our family and friends. Our purpose was to retell the events surrounding our Exodus from Egypt. The Haggadah recounts the story of five great rabbis having a Seder together in Bnai Brak, a city in Israel. They were discussing the Exodus from Egypt all night until close to sunrise. What did they have so much to talk about? One clue is found from this week’s Torah reading.

Hochberg Middle School Marks Autism Awareness Week

Hochberg Middle School spent the week learning more about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder for Autism Awareness Month. Autism awareness reminds us of the important Jewish value of ואהבת לרעך כמוך (V’ahavta Lereacha Komacha) about how we treat one another as a community and world. Click for details and photos.

The Meaning and Message of Yom HaZikaron

A Jewish JrK-12 College Preparatory School Serving South Florida Main Campus Virtual TourEast Campus Virtual Tour OUR SCHOOL Welcome! Read our latest campus news. Head of School's Message Dr. Richard Cuenca on what make Posnack School a great place to learn. At a Glance...