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Misconceptions: “Tumah and Taharah”

At the beginning of the third aliyah of this week’s Torah portion בהעלותך, Beha’alotcha, we come across the unique command to offer the Pesach sacrifice. It turned out to be the only time the Pesach sacrifice would be offered during the Israelites 40-year stay in the wilderness.

Hochberg Middle School Girls Say Tehillim

What started out as a traditional girls’ Tefillah consisting of six 8th Grade girls, quickly grew to a 12-girl powerhouse dedicated to saying Psalms for the ill and for the State of Israel. Kol ha-kavod! Click for details.

Mazel Tov Posnack School Students and Families

Posnack School held its 20th Annual Commencement as we wished the Class of 2021 and their families mazel tov and our 5th Grade and 8th Grade students also celebrated milestones this week at their Move Up Ceremonies. Click for photos.