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Fischer High School Welcomes CNN Commentator and Pro-Israel Activist Bakari Sellers

CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers was a Posnack High School lunchtime speaker this week. Mr. Sellers is an attorney at Strom Law Firm LLC in Columbia, SC, in addition to his many other accomplishments. A strong pro-Israel activist, he has addressed the main stage at the AIPAC Policy Conference on multiple occasions. Mr. Sellers began his path to pro-Israel activism when he was student at Morehouse College, a private all-male and historically black, liberal arts college, in Atlanta, where he served as the Student Government Association President. Over the past 10 years, he has become one of the top advocates for Israel in the African American community, leading missions to Israel, authoring letters to Congress.

Mr. Sellers has worked for United States Congressman James Clyburn and former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. In 2006, he became the youngest State Representative in South Carolina and the youngest black elected official in the United States. He has been recognized throughout the country as an up and coming leader in the Democratic Party.