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Hochberg Middle School Girls Say Tehillim

What started out as a traditional girls Tefillah consisting of 6 8th grade girls, quickly grew to a 12-girl powerhouse. From Orthodox to Reform, these twelve girls have been inspirational in their dedication to Tefillah. At the beginning of the year, Rafaela N. and Chana P. wanted to do more with the increased number of people who needed Tehillim (Psalms). They created a WhatsApp group dedicated to saying psalms for those in need, whether they knew the person they were praying for or not. In the past 8 months, these inspirational young ladies committed to saying Tehellim to help others. From praying for those struggling with illness, those struggling to fight COVID-19, praying for our very own Adam Fraum, z”l, to praying for the safety of the State of Israel, these girls completed one book after the other. A complete book of psalms consists of 150 individual psalms. Up to date, these amazing young ladies completed 15 books of psalms. They have read over 2,200 psalms on their own. Anyone who wants to join in saying Tehillim can contact Mrs. Furer to be added to this amazing group of girls. Kol Hakavod!