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Fifth grade students culminated their classroom study of career exploration, banking procedures, business decisions, and economic terms with a hands-on experience of running an interactive town at Junior Achievement BizTown in Coconut Creek. The students learned the importance of ethical business practices, teamwork, and making sound business decisions as they worked together to run their businesses. Out of the 122 students from three schools attending BizTown, the two awards given for good citizenship went to Posnack students! Kol ha-kavod Samantha W. and Ryan M.

While the 5th grade students tried their hand at BizTown, the Middle School’s 7th-grade students applied this year’s personal finance studies as they explored real life scenarios and situations in  the Junior Achievement Finance Park. All left with a better understanding of what parents face on a daily basis to keep the budgets from bursting and to make the best decisions possible for those they love.

Congratulations to all the 5th- and 7th-grade students.

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