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The wearing of the green. Students sport green to support Sabrina G. who is currently fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

David Posnack Jewish Day School capped off its Cancer Awareness Week with Sabrina G. Day. Students wore green in support of the Fischer High School junior currently battling lymphoma.

Here’s what Sabrina has to say:

“Teens of all ages consider themselves invincible, indestructible perhaps. We don’t fathom the thought that something drastic can happen to us, possibly even change us and the things that happen in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, reality can strike anyone, at any time. To be more specific, reality struck me, and I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. It all started in the beginning of the school year when I had a bad cold that came with a terrible cough. This lasted for about two months, and after it went away, I found a lump in my neck. I thought it was caused from coughing so furiously. Being stubborn, I refused to go to the doctors and decided to turn my head and focus on the more important things: Junior year, family, friends, etc. Within time, that one lump became more than one lump and eventually moved to the other side of my neck. That’s when I knew it wasn’t about the cough or something that puberty could have caused. Going to the doctor and undergoing a little procedure to take one of the many lumps, we soon found out that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I would say that it has hit me hard, destroying me, but thing is… it hasn’t. It has made me into a stronger person. My appearance may look different, but I’m still Sabrina G.— only better.”