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Dvar Torah

The Place!

Fundamental to Judaism is the idea of the existence of one, non-physical God of the universe. How, then, does God relate to a place and what does it mean?

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Is Judaism Sexist?

Is Judaism sexist? Let’s look at the facts. Right out of the box, every other major faith traces their beginnings to one single individual, invariably a male. Then, it proclaims that all people, male and female, were “created in the image of God” with the same inherent value.

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Who Was Avraham?

To truly appreciate Judaism, what it is about and what its goal is for mankind, we must thoroughly understand its founder, Avraham Avinu, our Patriarch. Who was he and what did he do for all humanity?

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Challenges To Learning Chumash

With renewed interest and enthusiasm, we began again the yearly Torah reading cycle. Having read the first parsha of בראש’ת, B’resheit, last week, we continue this week with the well-known story of Noach and the Flood. In these parshiot, as well as others to come, our excitement is tempered by nagging questions lurking behind the scenes. Chief among these are did these events really occur? Is the Torah’s account true? Don’t these stories seem far-fetched?

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Perfect Mates

The second chapter of parasha Bereishit introduces us to two very special pairs of mates. You’re probably familiar with one, but the other might surprise you!

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