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Dear Posnack Community:

I am proud to announce that our school received amazing accolades from the FCIS accreditation team during their visit this week. The lead member of the team said, “You can feel Posnack fulfilling its mission throughout the school.” Wow! That is a tremendous statement.

It takes a team of dedicated educators and staff to pull off the accomplishments of this week. I thank every member of our Posnack faculty and staff who made it their own responsibility to make our accreditation visit an overwhelming success. I again want to recognize the outstanding efforts of Lynda Tohar and Geri Stief for all their dedication and hard work in preparing for this day.

In May, our school will formally go before the FCIS Board of Governors where this week’s findings will be presented and voted on. I expect nothing less than a favorable vote to accredit the David Posnack Jewish Day School.

I also want to thank our Posnack parents and students for their support during this lengthy process. Our school is here to serve our families, and I am proud of the way our students and parents welcomed the accreditation team.

On behalf of our Posnack Board of Trustees, Chaired by Craig Feldman, and the nearly 500 students we serve, I thank the entire Posnack community for making the accreditation of our school a resounding success.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Richard Cuenca