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Kids Count Coins for Project KyleIlan and Rebecca counting money out of their piggy banks to donate to Project Kyle

Dear Posnack Community:

This week our community transitioned from the pleasures of summer to the promises of the upcoming school year. Thank you to all our parents and staff for helping to make sure the opening of the 2013-14 school year was such a success. We are grateful for the opportunity to join with you in this most important and rewarding partnership of teaching your children.

The transition from the relative repose of summer to the routine of the school day can be difficult and disorienting for some, but in typical Posnack fashion, our community wrapped its arms around our school and welcomed all back to campus. I want to especially recognize our students in kindergarten, sixth and ninth grade who walked through our doors for the first time on Monday as new lower, middle, and high school students. I also want to recognize with pride the new leaders of our school – the Senior Class of Posnack’s Fischer High, the Class of 2014.

It has been a memorable week. You do not open a Jewish Day School for its 39th year and not recognize the significance of the moment. As we do every year, we stand proudly on the shoulders of our founders who believed in a Jewish Day school for their children – a belief that a Jewish Day school could serve the educational needs of the Jewish community by offering excellence in academic instruction AND be rooted in Torah.

As our students begin the journey of a new school year, my wish is for each of them to feel a willingness to take appropriate risks when they are presented; to approach tasks with flexibility and open-mindedness and to see things from different points of view; and, perhaps most importantly, that our students feel the essential importance of being able to laugh at and with ourselves on a regular basis.

I hope that these opening days have been good ones for your family. As always, please let your teachers, Principals or Division heads, and me know if we can be helpful in any way. Even concerns that may seem small can be important, especially during the first days and weeks when routines and patterns are set in motion. If there is something on your mind or your child’s, please be in touch. The doors are always open.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Richard Cuenca
Head of School