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Dear Posnack Community:

This is what I believe.

I believe being a Jewish Day School Student allows one to delve into texts and traditions, mastering skills and knowledge, and living a life imbued with Jewish values.

I believe being a Jewish Day School Educator inspires children’s spiritual engagement, fostering curiosity and creativity, and instilling knowledge and passion for learning.

I believe being a Jewish Day School Graduate means one is secure with his or her Jewish identity and heeds the call of leadership to forge a vibrant Jewish future.

I believe being a Jewish Day School Parent provides the foundation for life-long Jewish commitment, devotion to the Jewish people, and dedication to the prosperity of the State of Israel.

I believe being a Jewish Day School Donor ensures financial sustainability, broadening access to those in need, and prioritizing substantive Jewish education as a communal responsibility.

I believe being a Jewish Day School is critical to the vitality of a Jewish community.

Do you?

We are at a critical time in our school’s history.

Posnack is currently on a mission to build a new state-of-the-art high school building on the north side of the campus.  Our goal is to open this new building to students in August 2015. This is admittedly a very aggressive plan, but one we believe can happen.  However, for all of our children to have this opportunity we need our entire school community to come together to support this project. This beautiful new building is for all of our children. It will solidify Posnack’s viability and sustainability for years to come. This new building allows us to offer our students the very best facilities and welcome even more children into our Jewish Day School community.

We are the only K-12 Jewish Day School in Broward County. Our growth and success is not only for our children’s benefit but for those that follow. This is a vision for educating the next Jewish generation. Bluntly, this is a call for action.

If educating the future of the Jewish people means a great deal to you (and I know it does), then we need your support during this critical time. We are not running a three or five year capital campaign. We are striving for this new building to be ready in only eighteen months! We need to start construction this summer to meet this deadline.

If you have not already supported this campaign, please contact me or Lesli Rosenblatt (our Advancement Director at ext. 244 or her email: today and let us know this Promise Campaign is important to you. Every amount of support is meaningful. Every dollar pledged means we are that much closer to making a dream for our children a reality.

This call for a new state-of-the-art high school building is needed to accommodate the increases in our high school enrollment. Two years ago, our high school served 128 students. Today, there are 170 students filling our high school to capacity. In addition, our middle school has greatly expanded and now houses our most populated grade with sixty students. That represents fifteen more students than we currently have in any of our current high school classes. When using only our own middle school as a feeder for our high school, we will surpass two hundred high school students within two years. As one can see, the building of a new high school building is essential to meet the demands of our rising enrollment. Without the new building, we will not be able to welcome all of our own middle school students into our high school. We do not have enough room.

At Posnack, our approach to growth and expansion is reflective, thoughtful, and carefully planned out. Our new high school building will bring Fischer High new science labs, art and music studios, media center, lecture hall, and double the number of classrooms. A great deal of study has gone into our thinking and we believe strongly that the direction Posnack is moving is the most effective way in which to enhance our school’s bright future.

It is an amazing time to be at Posnack. We are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of education and leaders of our greater Jewish community. Together, we can make a difference not only for our children and this generation but for those who will follow.

I thank all of our Posnack families who have already pledged their support for our Promise Campaign. Each of you has helped form the foundation from which our new high school building will rise.

For those that have not yet supported this project, I urge you to join with us to make the Posnack Difference mean more than ever before in our history.

August 2015 is only eighteen months away!

We need all of our Posnack families as partners to make this happen for our children!
Please contact Lesli or me to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Richard Cuenca
Head of School