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Dr. Richard Cuenca’s Friday Letter: Winter Break 2015

Dear Posnack School Parents and Students, It’s the Friday before our annual winter break. The historic first semester of the 2015-16 school year is now completed and for many of us, this time of year is regarded as the half-way point of the school year (even though technically, we reach the exact mid-point in late January).  As we complete the first semester, I want to thank all of our parents and volunteers who tirelessly help to make the David Posnack Jewish Day school an exemplary school. We have a dynamic and energetic school community made up of dedicated parents who answer the call time and time again to help our school. Thank you to all our parents for believing in the Posnack School Difference. Throughout our 41 year history, our school has achieved unprecedented accomplishments because of the generosity of others, and this school year was no different. This past August, we saw the historic opening of our new Paul and Maggie Fischer High School building and gymnasium. It was a tremendous accomplishment, and an historic occasion. Thank you to all our donors and supporters of the Promise Campaign who made this dream possible. Kola HaKavod. At the Posnack School, our approach to education is reflective, thoughtful and carefully planned out. Our children are now living in a world where change happens at a rate faster than ever before in history. Information is available to them around the clock and computers are no longer enhancements to learning-they are essential resource conduits. We have embraced this educational evolution of best practices at the Posnack School – our one to one laptop program and in-classroom technology is at the forefront of instructional technology, our use of assessments to guide instruction instead of only summative in nature is based on the latest educational research, and a blended form of instruction in which students take ownership for their learning and teachers engage children as both instructors and facilitators as is supported by the greatest minds in education today. In total, our school is preparing our students for a new world where they will need to know how to learn, embody strategies for collaboration, and understand how to seek information properly. To do all of this and instill a moral fabric within each of our students grounded in positive self-confidence and guided by strong Jewish values is at the core of our mission. We are grateful to all of our Posnack School families for entrusting their child’s education to a Jewish Day School. We promise to continuously engage educational communities throughout the world in search of the best faculty, programs and curricula for our students. Whether it be in the arts, athletics, or academia our school’s goal is to offer our students the very best educational experience. We will not rest or ever be satisfied with the status quo. Together, we will continue the traditions of our school’s storied history, and fulfill a mission that leads to a brilliant future for our children. Have a wonderful and safe 2015 winter break. Shabbat Shalom, Dr. Richard Cuenca Head of School