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Dear David Posnack Jewish Day School Community,

As the year 5774 approaches, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our students and parents for supporting our Jewish Day School. Thank you for your dedication and partnership to ensure that David Posnack Jewish Day School remains a vital component to the strength of our community.

At Posnack, it is our hope that our students feel empowered to be self-confident, self-aware and bold yet remain thankful and humble as they navigate their world. We are committed to helping our students foster a strong Jewish identity with an unwavering attachment to the State of Israel.

It was 39 years ago that our founders believed in a mission to bring our children an outstanding Jewish Day school. As the New Year approaches, we are grateful to them for their courage, persistence, and dedication. We stand on each of their shoulders and reach higher towards a bright Jewish future.

The blowing of the shofar, the act of crying out to G-d through the use of an animal’s horn, is described by our Rabbis as a wake-up call for our soul. We experience a special connection to G-d as we open our eyes to be more conscious of ourselves and the world around us. May our children hear and feel the sounds of the shofar and be guided towards a sweet and meaningful new year.

On behalf of the David Posnack Jewish Day School faculty and staff, and our Board of Trustees, I wish all of our families blessings of peace, good health, and happiness in the coming year.

L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu,

Dr. Richard Cuenca
Head of School