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Seniors Mark Their Spots

The Class of 2023 brought creativity and a lot of paint to the annual “decorate your spot” event. Click for photos and details.

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Challenges To Learning Chumash

With renewed interest and enthusiasm, we began again the yearly Torah reading cycle. Having read the first parsha of בראש’ת, B’resheit, last week, we continue this week with the well-known story of Noach and the Flood. In these parshiot, as well as others to come, our excitement is tempered by nagging questions lurking behind the scenes. Chief among these are did these events really occur? Is the Torah’s account true? Don’t these stories seem far-fetched?

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Perfect Mates

The second chapter of parasha Bereishit introduces us to two very special pairs of mates. You’re probably familiar with one, but the other might surprise you!

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Shall We Dance?

Rambam (Maimonides) mentions a fascinating mitzvah at the end of the Laws of Lulav. Even though on every yom tov there is an obligation to be happy and rejoice, ושמחת בחגך, on Sukkot there is an additional Torah obligation of שמחה יתירה “you shall rejoice in front of Hashem seven days.” What is the nature and meaning of this special celebration?

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