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Class of 2025 Thanks Holocaust Survivor Irene Zisblatt

For over eight years, Irene Zisblatt, Holocaust Survivor and grandmother of Posnack School alumni Andie Mermelstein and Shelby Curan has graciously shared her story with Posnack School students. This year, Irene once again joined The 8th Grade students on a zoom session to share her amazing survival of the Holocaust and discuss the importance of bearing witness to survivors. Students were captivated by her story and grateful for the opportunity to interact with a Holocaust survivor and ask her questions. After reading The Fifth Diamond, Mrs. Zisblatt’s autobiography in Mrs. Furer’s class, Chana P. wrote a poem and shared it with an emotionally moved Mrs. Zisblatt during her zoom session. The class of 2025 wants to thank Irene Zisblatt for her courage to share her story time and time again.