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2020 Summer Assignment Center

Keep skills fresh and get ready for the 2020-2021 school year. Click on the tabs below for 2020 summer reading, math and Hebrew assignments organized by school division and subject. Fischer High School grade-level and honors courses...

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Coronavirus or the Glow on Moshe’s Face?

The last 7 verses of this week’s Torah portion, Ki Tisah, describe a change in the appearance of Moshe Rabbenu. “Aaron and all of the Children of Israel saw Moshe, and behold the skin of his face had become radiant; and they feared to approach him.” The Torah continues and says Moshe first called Aaron, then the leaders, and finally anyone from the nation to join him in his tent for learning. “When Moshe finished speaking with them, he placed a mask on his face. When Moshe would come before Hashem to speak with Him, he would remove the mask until he departed; then he would leave and tell the Children of Israel whatever he had been commanded. When the Children of Israel saw Moshe’s face, that it became radiant, Moshe put the mask back on his face, until he came to speak with Him.” (Shemot 34:29=35) What does these concluding verses our Torah portion come to teach? As a prophet, was Moshe modeling proper behavior for future generations in the case of a pandemic?

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Megillat Esther : Historical Fact or Philosophic Principle

One of the challenges to learning the Tanakh, Hebrew Bible, is that the narrative or events presented in successive texts may in fact span several years. We read the Torah portion of the week or accompanying chapter in the Prophets without reflecting on chronology. This coming Monday night and Tuesday, we are going to read Megillat Esther, the Scroll of Esther. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to read, depending on the time allowed to drown out the name of Haman. But how much time did it take for the history presented in the Megillah to play out and where does the miracle of Purim fit into the sequence of historical events?

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Middle School Students Compete in Ninja Nation

Hochberg Middle School students competed in Ninja Nation. They spent the dat running the obstacle courses. Prizes were awarded for the fastest times and most course completions. Kol ha-kavod to all the participants. Thank you to the Posnack School PTO for sponsoring this event. Click for photos.

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Hochberg Middle School Students Hoop it Up

Hochberg Lower School students had a blast at their Hoop it Up spirit event. Students enjoyed pizza, music, and prizes, and boys’ basketball friendly basketball game in the RAM Gymnasium. Click on the headline for photos.

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Middle School Student Ryan C. Moves on to State GeoBee

Hochberg Middle School student Ryan C. will represent Posnack School at the Florida state National Geographic GeoBee. The top 100 students statewide were selected to participate in the state GeoBee, which will take place in Jacksonville on March 27. Click for details.

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6th Grade Students Get Happy at the Museum on the Move

Hochberg Middle School 6th Grade students enjoyed a day at the NSU Art Museum where they toured the exhibit Happy! This exhibit was part of the Museum on the Move which allows Broward County students the opportunity to enhance learning with interactive and hands-on art activities. The trip was made possible through the generous support of the David and Susan Samrick Foundation.

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Hochberg Middle School NJHS Toy Drive a Big Success

Last month, the Hochberg Middle School National Junior Honor Society held a toy drive to benefit the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. The drive collected 400 items brought in by middle school students and staff. Kol ha-kavod! Click for photos and details.

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