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The Holocaust and Today’s Antisemitism

This past week, Jewish communities throughout the world, as well as many non-Jewish communities, marked April 8th, Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, with meaningful commemorations. Our great Torah scholar, Maimonides, lists “remember what Amalek did” and “do not forget what Amalek did” as two separate but closely related Torah mitzvot, incumbent on every Jew. Neither command has any designated time or place to be fulfilled. In fact, they can be accomplished every day, at any time.

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Fischer High School Junior’s Photo to Appear in Prominent Ed. Journal

Sol and her photograph titled Into the Storm has been selected for feature in the May issue of Phi Delta Kappa’s educational journal Kappan.
Kappan discovered Sol’s award winning photograph while on display with the National Art Honor Society online exhibit.
Sol will be discussing why and how she created the work, the meaning of the work, why she chose photography as her medium and plans for future photography works.
Kappan is the premier professional magazine for anyone interested in K-12 education. It’s been in print since 1915 and now published online as well.
It features articles about educational research, practice and policy.

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What is Great About the Great Shabbat?

Why was the Shabbat before the first Pesach and every Shabbat that precedes Pesach thereafter known as “Shabbat Hagadol,” the Great Shabbat? What was significant about that Shabbat that we commemorate it every year? Click to find out.

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