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East Campus November STEM Update

Hochberg Lower School students have been busy in their STEM classes. Here’s what they have been up.

Our Kindergarten students are working with stories, characters, scenes, and plots. After reading a short story, students recreate a scene from the book. We have created scenes from The Three Billy Goats Gruff – full of bridges, goats, and trolls. Students also created alligators and turtles from the story, Who Hatches the Egg

First Grade students have been exploring “down under”- not Australia, but everything you can find under the ground.  We have been investigating rock characteristics, building volcanoes, and erupting volcanoes.

Second Grade is continuing to develop their understanding of simple machines. Students have been working on building a simple machine that can launch a car and s a simple machine that can shoot a hockey puck.

No need to tune into the weather channel, our third graders have you covered!  With all the knowledge they have gained in weather, they are ready for the camera.  Students can now give a detailed weather forecast-just hand them a microphone and map and watch them go!

Our Fourth Grade students are learning to code robots to perform various tasks.  Watch out-they might soon be programming their robots to do their homework!

Meet Milo! Fifth Grade’s self-created, self-directed robot.  The Fifth Grade students are going to be programming Milo to perform numerous missions.