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Fischer High School Senior Zach F. Reports from the National High School Model UN

Senior Zach F. recently attended his third National High School Model UN representing France. He writes about his experience at the NHSMUN.

I have attended NHSMUN for three years, and this year was easily the most transformative and memorable. Representing France (a permanent member of the United Nations security council) on the security council itself was a humbling experience. We had the opportunity to debate multifaceted issues such as the rise of militant groups, proxy wars between many nations, and how the United Nations can nation build without infringing on a countries sovereignty. We were able to interact with delegates from all over the world, learning about many new cultures, and debating with students of diverse backgrounds. The ability to sit in the United Nations General Assembly Hall where the actual representatives from France sit brought the conference to a memorable close and allowed us experiences we couldn’t gain anywhere else. — Zach F., Class of 2019