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Most 43 Scholastic Art Awards – Record Haul for Posnack School Artists

Posnack School artists have taken home the most awards ever in Posnack School history, capturing an astounding 43 Scholastic Art Award wins in Digital Photography including 1 American Visions nomination, 1 winner, 2 Scholastic Art Awards in 2D Art
Digital Photography
Sophie A. – Silver Key, 2 Honorable Mentions
Shayna B. – Gold Key, Honorable Mention
Tamara B. – 3 Gold Keys, Honorable Mention
Naomi B. – 3 Honorable Mentions, 2 Gold Keys, American Vision Nominee
Aryeh B. – Honorable Mention
Hannah C. – Honorable Mention
Emma F. – 2 Gold Key, 4 Honorable Mentions, 2 Silver Keys
Max K. – Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Jordan M. – Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Lillian M. – Honorable Mention
Liana M. – Honorable Mention
Ellie M. – Gold Key, 2 Honorable Mentions
Lily M. – 2 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key
Sierra S. – Silver Key
Samantha W. – Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Benjamin W. – Silver Key
Sara W. – Honorable Mention
Myah Z. – 2 Gold Key
2D Art
Mika P. – 2 Honorable Mentions
All Gold Key pieces will be sent to NYC to be judged as a National level and winners will be announced next month. All pieces are on display at Young At Art gallery in Davie January 18-25. Kol ha-kavod to our artists.