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Posnack School Team Wins Honors at CIJE Tank

Mazel tov and kol ha-kavod to the Posnack School team behind the Medicine Machine who faced the sharks at the the 5th Annual CIJE Tank to earn the distinction for the Best Business Plan Award!  Juniors Zachary C., Adam W., and Michael B. offered an articulate, and polished presentation, offering strong responses to some difficult questions from the sharks. and you had. You have clearly  a tremendous amount of research and preparation. The team was acknowledged for their meticulous attention to detail. Team members even went out of their way on the morning of CIJE Tank to add an image of a local pharmacy which vastly underscored the importance of their innovation. Thank you to Fischer High School Engineering teacher, Mr. David Rivera, who mentored the team. Click this link to the photo gallery from the event and click here for a link to the event video. Posnack School presents first.

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