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Top Awards for Fischer High School Engineering Students’ Innovations

Kol Hakavod to Fischer High School students in the Engineering Department and ESports Club!
Fischer High School Junior, Nadav M., representing our ESports Club, placed second overall in the HSEL Hearthstone Spring Tournament. Freshmen, Miguel B., Zachary C., Julian R., and Adam W., took home the 2nd Prize Win for Door-O-Matic, a project created to quickly and inexpensively turn all doors into automatic doors. 
Freshmen, Max J., Ilan G., and Zachary S., placed 1st in Environmental Products and placed 2nd in Robotics Category with the project AutoCycle, created to sort recyclables from trash by using lasers to detect glass and plastics and conductivity for metals. 
Finally, in 1st place in the Consumer Category, we have AmmoniX, led by brothers Eytan and Yair S. (Class of 2024), who beat 158 groups to earn this honor. This project also earned a Best in School Recognition! AmmoniX was designed to help prevent food poisoning from meat products by using an ammonia sensor over questionable meat and fish. 
SeeSafety, created by sophomores, Ryan B., Eric E., and Sheina M., earned 1st Place in Social Innovations and the Arts. SeeSafety is a portable product that can facially recognize a person that doesn’t belong in the organization or institution and links to a criminal database. This product can also be used to detect if someone has a fever.
The AutoCycle Project, created by Max J., Ilan G., and Zachary S., earned a spot in CIJETank, where students present their product to a team for an opportunity to have their product patented! Posnack School is one of the six Jewish Day Schools in the Nation to earn a spot! Kol HaKavod to Fischer High School students and Mr. David Rivera for their success at CIJE Innovation Day 2021!